I have been feeling a wee bit anxious and stressed as of late. Not because of the whole breast cancer bizzo but the realisation that my next chapter begins in a matter of a few days.

Soon, I will give up the life of luxury and return to work.


The photo above is just some of the amazing produce we pick daily from our little veggie garden.

No more waking when I feel like it. Showering and dressing whenever I see fit. Visiting my girls three or four times a day. Having dogs sleeping at my feet, delivering sticks to throw, wanting and getting walks.

Today, I plodded down to my chicken house with a container of tomatoes and sat with the girls for a chat. Their favourite food seems to be tomatoes at the moment which is great because we have them growing in abundance right now.

Brooke is the brave one and as I sat with the container of tomatoes she trotted right up to me to look into the container to see what I had for her. She realised it was tomatoes and I swear, she almost laid an egg! The noise was just gorgeous and then the other girls came along and joined in pecking at the tomatoes.

They climbed over my feet, under my legs, shook tomato juice and seeds all over me and we all had a great time.


It was then I realised, I am in a great place. I have had my time to do what was needed to rid my body of cancer (fingers crossed and hopes among hopes it is gone) and I get to go back to what I was doing before it was discovered.

My girls and dogs will still be here each day when I get home from work. They’ll be there in the mornings before I go to work.

I have a wonderful and fulfilling job to return too.

A sensational network of friends and family surrounding me. Accepting me for all of who I am.

Today I feel fortunate.

Thank you to my gorgeous and amazing friend in Singapore. In today’s world it is unusual to hear of ‘pen friends’ but we are living proof it can still happen. We might not pick up a pen often but we email each other with our stories and lives. We send gifts to one another and cards and well wishes. This beautiful music box is one of the many gifts I have received from my lovely friend Pris. Thank you for making me smile. xx


2 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. I love simplicity. There’s something magical about it. And healthy, too. I also miss eating veggies we used to grow on our farm.When I finished chemo it felt weird going back to some level of normalcy. In a way I was glad because it meant I was alive and still functioning. To some extent, it also felt healthy to reach that goal (every little thing becomes a goal during cancer, at least for me).
    I enjoy reading about your chickens; brings me back to my childhood days. Thank you for sharing about them. And your birthday gift is adorable. xo


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