Meet Dolly!

She’s here. Sorry it has taken me so long to introduce her to you but here she is.


She even has a nipple!! I wont be saying goodbye to Miss Fluff though but geez, Miss Fluff is a poor comparison to my new girl Dolly.

I never showed you Miss Fluff did I? Well, here she is next to Dolly. No where near as beautiful but she was very helpful post surgery so I will still treat her well.


Apparently, I can’t wear Dolly when I am gardening (I’ll look up what gardening consists off because I can tell you now, it isn’t something I partake in very often) in case a thorn pokes Dolly.

Oh that reminds me, my soon to be Father in Law popped over the other day and Dolly was in her bed and I said, Hey, wanna see my new boob? He didn’t look keen but I got Dolly out to show him and he asked why I had it already. He thought it was the implant! I asked him to feel her because she feels so weird and he just stuck out one finger and quickly touched it and pulled his hand away as though he had burnt it. He was not comfortable feeling my boob hehe.

Here is Dollys bed…


She has to live in here when not doing her duty on my body. Apparently, if I let her just hang around without being in her bed, she can become wrinkled. Um, wanna see rightie?

Anyway, Dolly is amazing and she actually feels like a real boob and she doesn’t ride up to become a chin rest, she sits lovingly in my bra and has weight!

So, Dolly and I will be together for a while and if I ever get into this gardening thing, Miss Fluff will come out of hiding.

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