It is not a cold, It’s Chemo!!

The title says it all. I feel like crap.

Since I woke up this morning I have had a sore throat, sneezing with runny nose, slight cough and kick ass headache.

I did have to take the hard core pain relief in the way of Panadene Forte with lunch (3 pieces of gluten free toast). It eased the pain but didn’t take it away. I did survive the pain though so don’t panic ok?

My ‘feelings’ today are as follows…

** Hair Loss from my stubble head (itchy and prickly)

** Nose hair falling out causing itchiness up my nose and constant sneezing

** Headaches, like, really bad now.

** Very sore throat which I thought was an oncoming cold but Dr Hands reminded me is Chemo related

** Dizziness

** Nausea

** Sore Teeth

So, apparently, these are all symptoms and reactions from my spa therapy (chemo) which occurred almost three weeks ago. I have another spa treatment in two days. Ugh, I thought I was doing great but these last two days have not been so great. Obviously one expects all of the horrible feelings for the week following chemo but man, three weeks later? Geez, just when I was starting to feel great…

Another thing that has me worried is that lyphodema. I do not care how it is spelt because obviously I spell it wrong every time I get a red line under the word. anyway, I have noticed my left hand (my left armpit had 9 out of 20 lymph nodes removed) has started to swell.

Please please please dont let me get this lyphodema too. Is stage three breast cancer not enough? Give me a break!

The great things that occurred today are…

** My postie Ashley yelling out “what did you do to your head?” and we then had a big breast cancer chat

** My gorgeous Auntie asking for my postal address to send an entire rug she has made for me!!

** No bills recieved from Ashley (post man)

** Finding out I dont have a cold, it’s just chemo related illness!

** Lots of chats with Tamara

** A small burst of energy creating fresh linen on bed, cleaned ensuite, two loads of laundry and a load of dishes washed in dishwasher.

** Lots of love from Kelly and Brady

** The forest of dreams in Lady Land is being harvested from the chemo medicine. I was totally excited to see those curly hairs on my soap today !! Yippeeeee… now moved down to my legs and I”ll be one happy lady

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