Typical Pro Chemo Week

I have done nothing but sleep as per usual following my very last chemo session but what I love about it, I dont give a shit.

Usually when I am bed ridden, suffering constipation, followed by hemorrhoids, tears, tantrums etc I am an absolute sook and can not be consoled. But this time, I am A OK. This is it. No more chemo. Fingers crossed, no more backed up poops due to the endone and other medication.

What was the reason I popped in here for…..?

Um, shit, let me think.

Oh, thats right. I just read a lady complaining that she couldn’t afford to purchase her husbands birthday gift due to medical bills and all other life time bills that never end.

With cancer, there needs to be a ‘on pause’ card, or something similar.

My partner and I have total and full health insurance and pay a grand amount for this and even still, we are very strapped for cash through this cancer bizzo.

All in Australia dollars, I pay approx $150.00 per month for health insurance. This is the top health insurance you can purchase and when I did my tax this year, I found I had spent over $5,700 out of pocket for what my health insurance and Medicare did not cover.

Why on earth do people pay for health insurance?

Well, I’ll tell you why. I overheard my amazing oncologist on the phone last Thursday when I was being blasted with more chemo and he stated on the phone to his receptionist that he simply could not take on another five ‘public’ patients. This is why my diagnosis, surgery and chemo has been so quick.

Yes, I complain about my health insurance fees (as well as my home, car, contents and what not) but at the end of the day, it has saved my life and time. I can’t even imagine how I would feel having to wait for surgery, results, more surgery, more therapy etc.

A bit of a good news story is I had sent Dr Hands to the local bottle shop (remember, we live in a country town) to buy two bottles of red wine for my amazing GP who home visits me for no cost to give me my after chemo injection every three weeks, and Dr Hands came home with an amazing bottle of bubbles. It was a bottle of Mumm which is quite pricey. I asked him why he had purchased this bottle along with the red wine for the doctor and it turns out that the owner of the local had donated amazing bottle of bubbles to me knowing that my last chemo session had just been had. My local bottle shop had donated a $50.00 bottle of bubbles to me out of the kindness of their hearts knowing what I had been through.

My point of the generosity of my local bottle shop is not the price of the bubbles but the fact that they remembered, they’ve been through this journey with me and they cared. Would this happen in the city? I hope it does happen in the city and all over because seriously, going through the shit of cancer, chemo and so forth, it is lovely to have someone recognize the crap you’ve been through and have rewarded you at the end.

This week, it’s been tough, but knowing it is my last ever post chemo dealings seriously makes my life a lot easier. My hair is growing so long and amazing except for the middle section which is as shiny as a diamond, so I look like an 80’s rock band producer. Sam and I have agreed to shave it all off again in a couple of weeks because a woman with beautiful platinum blonde (No Not Grey) with a receding hair line just doesn’t look lovely.

Anyone who is interested in my life of hemorrhoids, yep, they’re still the bane of my life and I cry and shiver and shake and am like someone being tortured every time I go to the toilet so I will be not sad to leave this part of the cancer/chemo journey behind.

My gorgeous father in law popped in during the week and dropped off a couple of bottles of bubbles, a punnet of strawberries and a pink ribbon ring which totally brightened my day. He is amazing.

My amazing mother still brings me flowers every weeks she comes over on the weekend. I was getting worried for a while because my house was starting to look like a funeral parlour but is now looking just lovely with pretty flowers. My mother in law to be bought over some gorgeous flowers from her garden that also came with a bottle of bubbles which was also a lovely gesture because she was heading off interstate and wouldn’t be around to celebrate my final chemo session.Β  There seems to be a pattern going on with the bubbles. And I love it πŸ™‚

I haven’t updated my ‘books’ section of this blog for a while but just know, I have finished every single Game of Thrones book and OMG, what a book hangover I had from that. This is seriously an amazing series of books. I couldn’t put them down. I love the fact that any person of any age can read these books and love them. I say this because I got my mum into them, Dr Hands has watched every episode, and I know a lot of other people who have either read or watched the series.

I will update my book section soon though because I have read so many books through this cancer/chemo journey.

So as you can see, there is nothing new to report today. But I guess I just wanted to get some words out, let you know I am doing ok, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, can’t wait to get back to work, can’t wait to start attending events, birthdays, weddings and what ever else comes along.

One last thing, my neighbour comes home today from England!!! It has been torture seeing her car in her driveway knowing I can’t just pop over and have a total and complete breakdown about some trivial thing. Once she is over her jetlag, has been to work, I am over my post chemo effects, Clare and I will be catching up over many many bubbles. πŸ™‚


This celiing fan is my saviour each night and day. Poor Sam has to freeze each night to ensure I am at a comfortable temperature.

My gorgeous Sturt Desert Pea (South Australian Flower) in my front garden, flowering yet again this year….. How pretty xx


Bad to Good – Make it Happy

I have had a really shitty crappy awful week.

Yes, a lot of it has had to do with my bum and bowels but I will give you a break with all of that information.

I have slept a lot which is not something I will ever complain about. The medication I am now on with the new chemo drugs make me quite zombie like but that is ok. Much better than the pain and discomfort that I suffered last chemo when they changed the drugs and advised I would probably only need ‘panadol’ to deal with the pain. Yeah Nah, Endone is what I needed. I don’t like endone as a general rule because it makes me nauseas and constipated and dopier than usual but it is what is needed to get me through the chemo ‘feelings’.

On some nicer news…….. The dogs got new beds recently. Brady and Kelly have both turned 7 years old and any dog trainer will tell you that is the dogs 2nd change of life. Dogs go through a ‘change’ at the ages of 2 and 7 – both Kelly and Brady are the same age. Kelly (our Staffy X) has become very sooky. Needs/wants cuddles constantly. Brady, who has always been the gently, frightened and most obedient dog has become a grumpy old man. He does NOT like it when Kelly settles in to her bed next to his. I now have to separate their beds at night time before they go to ‘real’ bed time. Kelly is a lazy b*tch who refuses to hold her poopies and weewees and has decided the hallway (carpet) is her toilet so she now sleeps in the garage. But, beforeΒ  ‘real’ bedtime, the dogs are in with us in the house and run around like crazy fools, play tug of war, demand cuddles from Dr Hands and I and have sleeps before dinner and bed. Sometimes, Brady goes onto his bed first but when Kelly goes onto hers, he growls and huffs and puffs and carries on like a fool and I have to move his bed away from hers.

I did manage to get a photo before this all occur occurred though.


Today, my wonderful mum came to visit me as she does most weekends. I haven’t posted her gorgeous square yet but I will do that a little later but look at the beautiful flowers she bought up for me. She almost always brings beautiful flowers for me to cheer me up. The thing that I really hate about her visits is that I can see she suffers looking at my bald (but almost all fluffy with new hair) head, my red and itchy eyes, runny nose, tiredness etc. How does a daughter comfort her mother who is suffering watching said daughter deal with cancer. Thankfully, we laugh a lot. Mum and I can laugh at the stupidest things…. I want to mention Sam here but that would seem rude hehe. My mum, Sam, Inlaws, Tamara, Accalia, Cousins, Neighbours, Furbabies and everyone inbetween keep it real but achievable.

Flowers from Mum

IMG_0034 IMG_0035

Oh, and another thing, we harvested another Cauliflower this week, our neighbour John recons we could get about $10.00 for it because it is bloody huge. Excuse the fat bald chick holding it but it is to give you a perspective of how big this thing was


But, I’ll have you know, I have lost 8 kilos since this cancer bizzo stuff so thats a good thing right?

Sparkle Me Up Baby!

I have had an amazing two days in a row.

Yesterday, I took myself out into town (40 kms round trip) and had an amazing time. I spent the last of my splurge money. Remember all the wonderful people who had bought yummy chocolates to raise money so I could splurge on myself guilt free?

Well, I used the last of that money yesterday by buying a lovely ring to sit over my new engagement ring so it doesn’t fall off. It is gorgeous. It will keep my amazing ‘family’ engagement ring safe. (see previous post if you have no idea what I am talking about)


See that beautiful ring next to my engagement ring? I thank you Accalia, Mia and Friends for providing me the splurge money to be able to afford such a pretty ring to protect my equally pretty engagement ring.

Today, I met up with Tracey for a coffee and lunch which was lovely, a spot of shopping and back home to a visit from my little friend in the neighbourhood.

Before I lost my hair, Sam and I picked up some fun ‘fake tattoo’s’ to play around with should the need arise when my hair fell out. Well, my little friend popped over today because I had bought her a little gift and she came to pick it up. We shared some naughty sugary bubbly drinks and this is what she did to my head

Photo on 27-08-2015 at 6.15 pm

or here is another view


and another….


Aren’t we all thinking my lovely neighbour Summer (aged 4) has done a great job??

Well, here is the artist and myself..


Clare had a bloody ball tattooing me all over my face and head. So no, it wasn’t my four year old neighbour Summer but in fact, Clare, my gorgeous 40 something neighbour hehe.


Love my third eye in the middle of my head. What is even funnier is the fact that as I was saying goodbye to Clare, a lovely lady walked passed with an amazing blue staffy and I said “Hello Gorgeous” to the dog and the lady laughed. I was mortified thinking she thought I had called HER gorgeous until Clare reminded me that I was tattoo’d all over my face. Shit.

Then, other neighbour Sharon popped over to return items from the weekends piss up and yep, she had to chat to me trying to be serious while looking at THIS FACE.

Love being bald and having fake tattoos to play with hehe. Clare had a ball.

I feel so sparkly right now. I might be a little hard to resist tonight come bedtime

oohhh la la


Boogers and Safety Nets

Hair Loss. Did you realise that included my nose hairs?

What worries me here is what are my boogers going to hang on to now? They are like trapeze artists aren’t they? Clinging on to their rope, swinging away over to the next rope, but, I am outta ropes up there. When a booger appears, there are going to be no ropes and NO SAFETY NET!

What happens? Am I just going to be sitting in a cafe somewhere, some day and a booger will just fall out of my nose onto the table next to my friande and coffee?

Usually, I think, once a booger has finished their trapeze act, they’d fall into the nest of nose hairs at the bottom and wait for you to blow it out into a tissue. They’d just hang out on that safety net of nose hair until you are ready BUT I HAVE NO SAFETY NET.

Ah man, people warn you about chemotherapy side effects being feelings of nausea, mouth ulcers, fatigue, bone pain but nothing about boogers. What About The Boogers!!??

I was talking the neighbours John and Clare about it yesterday with them being nurses and all but they were no help, all they did was laugh. When I asked for a tissue, I got given a paper towel and told, it’s super absorbent! How much did he think I had up there?

A few hours later I received a text from Clare advising there was a little gift on the front door matt for me.


Pocket Pack Tissues. Thanks guys! You really are the caring neighbours one needs with they have no nose hairs…


Talking to The Kid

So, I was chatting with Accalia yesterday and boy, I just don’t kids grow up so quick and wise these days.

I am a very proud mother to Accalia who is 22 years old and whilst we text more than we talk due to this cancer and chemo bizzo, I keep thinking of something she said to me yesterday.

Being the misery guts that I was (which I think is a bit unusual for me because I have been quite positive about all of it so far but the loss of my engagement ring may have tipped me over the edge slightly)… any whoo I was complaining to Accalia on the phone about how my four hour chemo, reaction to the dye from the heart pool test and the loss of my ring and how this was meant to be the best year of my life.

Sam and I were handed the keys to our brand new built house to our design on the 19th of December 2014, the same day my gorgeous man Sam proposed to me. I had a new ‘promotion’ job which I loved, everything was going so great and now this cancer and chemo and radiotherapy and all the other bullshit. She was very patient listening to me blubber away on the phone.

My gorgeous and very intelligent daughter responded with….

The best year is just on hold Mummy, it might well be next year.

Thank you my girl for your words of wisdom. These words of yours have kept running through my head. You know me, I am not one to dwell on much so to have a few days of blugh is a bit of a shock to me. Thanks for grounding me. Love you to bits.

aj&yindii 2

Uniden Digital Camera
Uniden Digital Camera


Splurge Money

Do you remember a while back when I told you about some people who had raised money for me to use just for me? No bills or medical appointment costs etc?

They were the team who included my gorgeous daughter Accalia, my lovely friends Mia and Nicole which linked with Black Canvas Photography, Bendigo Bank and others…

Well, they raised money for me to splurge on myself and so far I had bought some lovely bottles of sparkling wine, Baileys Irish Cream, gorgeous matching bedside lamps, a lovely tree painting on canvas and today….

Lobster Tails and Scallops.

I dont have much of an appetite and is a constant argument with Dr Hands and I. He is constantly questioning me on what I have eaten and had to drink blah blah blah.

So, on the way home from the extra long Radiotherapy appointment, Dr Hands asked me what I wanted for dinner and straight away I said, lets go to Cappo Seafood!

It is on the way home from the city and a place we used to go to often but since we now live in the country, we rarely even mention it. So, we went to Cappo to see what whet my appettite.

Lobster Tails! 3 x $20.00. Yes Please! Give me Give Me Give me!! I picked up a couple of scallops on skewers and a hand full of cooked prawns. Yup, thank you ‘splurge money’.

So, tonight, Dr Hands made garlic butter lobster tail and the two skewers of scallops (5 x each skewer) and yummo. I ate the six prawns while I waited for him to cook the dinner but was totally worth it.

Normally, neither Dr Hands nor I would ever consider me having such an extravagant meal but due to our current situation, it wouldn’t be in our budget. My ‘splurge money’ has been all about me thanks to everyone involved, I was able to indulge.

Let me say………grrrrrrrrr, mmmmmmmm, yummmmmmmm **insert Homer drawl**

This was a total splurge and so well appreciated.

Thank you Mia, Accalia, Black Canvas Photography, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Sue Sayles and all the others I do not know of.

I am frightened of the upcoming bills of radiotherapy and such but to be able to enjoy such a meal (including some lovely bubbles) was such a lovely moment that could not have happened without you all.

So, I am being very careful with my ‘splurge money’ that has been collected, please know that it has been so very much appreciated.


Still Here

Yeah, I’m still around but boy, that last lot of chemo really knocked me for a six.

I feel I have done nothing but sleep. Anti nausea tablets are my best friends right now and I want to even take the box to bed to cuddle. But more than that, I am just simply tired.

I am tired of chemo, cancer, my gorgeous dogs, text messages, emails, facebook, tv and everything in between.

It isn’t against anyone or anything but boy am I really fed up with it all right now.

I popped out yesterday to do some chores out in the the big wide world of meadows yesterday and I kid you not, I thought my nude nut of a bald head was going to fall off! Not only that, I slept eighteen hours straight from only going to the chemist, bottle shop (nothing consumed) and to the chemist. That was enough to wipe me out for eighteen hours of pure and solid sleep.

Even the dogs dont have my patience. I tell them often that I will take their embroided collars off and leave the front door open if they dont behave. Yep, times are tough.

Seriously though, with all the shit that I feel, I still think I am kinda doing ok. Maybe I watched too many movies and shit when I was younger and the cancer patient was vomiting and sick and thin and what not. I am none of these. I am just bald and fat and tired. Thats it.

What I do love is that man of mine coming home from work with a billion questions about what I have consumed for the day, my mum visiting most weekends, my cousin/bff emailing me everyday to tell me about her world and making me find three amazing things for my day etc and of course, my lovely parcels of squares. I can’t wait to tell you about my most recent square that almost had me pee my pants!!

Cancer really does suck. But, I am half way through chemo which is a great thing.

I am loved and thought about.

The rain outside makes me smile because I do not have to go out in it.

I am having a shitty day, week and night.

I wont ask for you to forgive me for such a negative post because I dont have many bad days. I can always fine a reason to smile and keep going. Today, my smile just isn’t as big.

That is all.


To make myself (and possibly you) here is a happy photo…. This is Brady as a Baby πŸ™‚

Uniden Digital Camera
7 Weeks Old

Online Shopping has Arrived

Hey, remember the other day when I told you about how bad I was at SWUTI (Shopping While Under The Influence of Alcohol)? I was trying to explain a tree canvas I had purchased?

Well, it has arrived and I freeking Love it!!Β  Love Love Love it.

Dr Hands freeking hates it!! Hates Hates Hates it.


What do you think?

23 Things I Love About My Life


This is the post that made me make this post. I love Lucky Otters Haven’s blog. I love it. In any case, theirs was a 23 Things I hate About My Life, I want to do the opposite…

Here are my 23 things I love about my life

1. I am Loved. Of course by my mother, family, daughter, Dr Hands, In Laws, Brady (Big White Dog), Kelly (staffy x) friends I knew I had and friends I never knew I had, neighbours and so forth

IMG_0216 2

Uniden Digital Camera
Me and Dr Hands (Sam)

2. My Home. It is newly built. 19th of December, Dr Hands and I were handed the keys to our newly built home and on that date I was also proposed too by Dr Hands.


3. My Daughter. She is a Hoot. She is different, loving, colourful, cuddly and everything else. I never thought I was a great mum but boy, I look at this daughter of mine and know, somewhere, somehow, her father, her grandparents, and myself, must have done A OK. She is great.

DocImage50 IMG_0119 4

4. Inlaws. Never have I felt the love of an outside family as I have with my Dr Hands Family. His mother hugs me so tight, so lovingly and I never want to let go. My FFIL (future father in Law) always has a kiss and cuddle for me as well as jokes and payouts. My gorgeous and fit and healthy SIL (future Sister In Law) is amazing and always has a cuddle, kind words, mimco umbrellas and amazing nieces and nephews for me. She Rocks. This is the kind of family one would want to marry into.


5. I didn’t really want to put them down to number five but my Brady Bailey-Wilkinson and Kelly-Bear are so loving and amazing to me. They really dont give a shit if I am sick but they love me all the same. I would really love to add one more fur baby to my brood being a french bull dog but ‘apparently’ now is not the time (they are Dr Hands Words)

Uniden Digital Camera
Brady and Kelly

6. Bubbles. Yep, sparkling wine, champagne, what ever you want to call it I love it. It helps me sleep (oh come to me people who want to tell me drugs and alcohol are not the answer but shit, Cancer Honey!! give me bubbles, I kinda deserve it’

7. The Real Housewives of Meadows. I think they should be happy they living here in a beautiful town in the Adelaide Hills but noooo, One is in Bali and the other is constantly working but when they aren’t ….. they are amazing. I can call or text and they are there for me. They can pass on a bottle of bubbles, a cup of coffee, a chat etc. These woman, when they are around, are great people

8. Work. Yes, you read it right, work. I liked my job before my ‘promotion’ but wow, my new job is amazing and in all honesty, I can’t wait to get back to it. Not long now. Like, what, 10 months or so ….

9. BFF. Tracey. I remember as a kid, I think I was like about 11 and I walked down to the local shop in Summertown in South Australia and asked the lady behind the counter (who was the mother) if I could play with her daughter. Over thirty years later, we are still friends πŸ™‚

Uniden Digital Camera
We are not 11 years old here

10. My Mum. She was soooo annoying when I was younger but boy dont mum’s change when you grow up. She has been amazing. I worry for her though having to go through ‘my cancer’ on her own but she seems to be doing ok. Totally love this lady. Wish I could be more like her xx

Uniden Digital Camera
Me and My Mama

11. King Crab Claws. Anything crab gives me great love. Love love love crab. Give me no other food but crab.

IMG_0049 7

12. My Bed. Seriously, I bloody love my bed. I may complain or whinge about sleeping so much but in all honesty, if there is any ‘side effect’ from chemo, sleep is the best. I have Elisian sheets, Canningvale quilt cover, freedom furniture king size bed, yes, I am very bed and linen obsessed.


13. Books, any book. Give it to me. Give me Give me Give me books!


14. Internet. Love it. I can email friends, family, anyone. I can blog all kinds of ‘crap’ but the internet will forward it to someone who might want to read it πŸ™‚ Love it

15. My Past. Everyone always bitches and complains and are all embarrassed about their past but why? It made you who you are today…. I understand some people had really shitty crappy childhoods and they have every right to complain but mine was A OK.

16. Doctors and Medicine. Yep, they have saved my life. I am one boob down, have a kick arse scar but it is all to save my life. Chemotherapy to follow boobemectomy to ensure this cancer bitch doesn’t return…. I love modern research.

17. The Bold and the Beautiful. Yep, love it. I have taped it for years and have saved every Sunday to spend the day watching episode upon episode. Funny thing is, since I have been given 12 months off to recover from breast cancer, The Bold and the Beautiful has given me the shits. I’ll still continue to watch it but not record it πŸ™‚

18. Foxtel. Ok,Β  I have taken a while to get used to it and the only channel I really understood was the music channel but now I am getting to know more of the channels, I am learning there is more to like and appreciate. When you are on leave for a year or so, you will want to find something to entertain you the moment you are awake…

19. My Cousins. These amazing people who dont get together as often as we should, got together and organised a cleaner for Dr Hands and I. Dr Hands, he works full time, is a full time carer for me and looks after the house and food. The moment I learnt that my cousins got together and those who could contribute, organised a cleaner for us each fortnight for three months was beyond words. It is this kind of thought that really makes you feel loved. Knowing that people know that something as simple as housework is a lot for anyone going through this was amazing.

IMG_0216 2

20. Modern Day. Remember the old days when pregnant women would wear ‘sacks’ due to society and now they can wear crop tops and skinny pants? Well, cancer people can now get around with no hats or scarfs or ‘hair’ Now, preggos and cancer peeps can get around without the cover ups. I love this a lot.


21. Cancer. Weird that would come in to the 23 things I love right but, now I know what cancer is, what it is like, how to deal with it. People ‘think’ they know cancer and how they would deal with it but until you have it, you know nothing. With my job, I will be more informed and educated it what my ‘client’ is going through. I will beat this bitch and get through it and be stronger for it.

22. My Family. I have a huge family and not all get along but when cancer comes along, we all get along. My huge family, well, they have come through thick and fast. I have an Auntie who knitted not only a square but a whole blanket that I constantly snuggle into on my bean bag. My cousins (and others) who have organised a cleaner for us for three months. Emails daily from a cousin to ensure I am A OK and doing alright. My family are amazing.


23. Dr Hands. Sam Wilkinson. My Fiance. My Lover. My Everything. He is the one who can look at my face and know, know that I am well or not so well. He knows when I need to eat, drink, need medication, a hug, a kiss etc. I do not know how my man does it all but he does. He can look at me and know what I need, I can scream at him, cry with him, cuddle and beg and he still knows what I need. Without Dr Hands, I am sure I’d be ok but not as good as I am now and yesterday and tomorrow. He knows my needs, my wants and my requirements. I get angry at him and say some really shitty words but he brushes them by and gets on with life. Where would I be without Dr Hands?

IMG_0331 IMG_0040 5 IMG_0014

Uniden Digital Camera
Sailing our hire house boat and loving it πŸ™‚
Uniden Digital Camera
My Love, My Everything xx

SOWUI – Shopping Online While Under The Influence (of Alcohol)

I have this shocking habit of being able to read credit card numbers while drunk as a smelly skunk and buying things that I have no recollection off until either the goods arrive or I get a confirm email.

At work I received a 12 month subscription to The Womans Weekly that I had no idea I had purchased. I checked my credit card, invoice and what not and yes, it was purchased on a weekend. Sure sign of bubbles being involved.

There were FIVE pairs of shoes delivered another day. Oh thats right, I remember um, liking them, not buying five pairs but oh well, they’re cure and I love them and surely Sam will understand.

Once I received the ‘purchase confirmed’ a few days after the purchase, I scratched my bald head and kinda remembered liking a tree picture but liking and buying are sooooo totally different things apparently.

The good thing, that I thought, was ok thats fine….. Sam works all day and I get the all of the mail and deliveries before he even gets home. How big is 1 x Rainbow Tree 90x59cm Canvas Wall Art? Is it small enough for me to hide in a cupboard if it is horrible? I have no sense of size, I need people to show me with their hands. Oh, remember when I asked Steve Harrison to show me with his hands the size of a locker??? Those in the know will know what I am talking about… anyhoo

I kinda remember it being on a white canvas thing with a painted tree in multi colour. In my mind, it was absolutely gorgeous and I super duper hope my memory serves me well…. If my memory does serve me well, it is totally something Sam will hate but I will absolutely love. And it was so so so cheap!!!

Ooooh, I have a remedy of sorts, my fundraising money can pay for it. It was only $50.00 down from like a gazillion dollars which is a total bargain and I love it soooo much. And I loved it and normally, I wouldn’t buy something of such value because we are kinda poor at the minute but I remember, in my bubble haze, loving it so much.

Here is the shitty bit (for me). Sam was given 6 days leave as of today and I received an email today saying this canvas wall art thing has been dispatched. SHIT!

Maaaaybe one of my lovely peeps could say they bought it and had it sent to meeeee? Nah, that wont work because I am the biggest blabber mouth ever and when I start to tell Sam a lie I laugh and just tell the truth and I even laugh the whole way through the story. I can even picture myself telling him and almost word for word of this blog and he’ll stand in front of me with a straight face and me laughing and laughing.

I am not religious but please, pray for me…

Anyway, if he gets angry at me, I’ll remind me of the whole cancer and chemo and what not, that’ll break him down a bit. If it doesn’t, I’ll call my future mother in law and she’ll sort him out πŸ™‚ Love my MIL xx

Wish me luck anyway.

I think it was like this but prettier and with a white background. In fact, it probably doesn’t look like this at all…..

colour tree