Where Is My Cancer?

So, today is the day. Today I find out how far this cancer has spread. I am feeling ok right now about it all but I know that as soon as Sam and I start driving down the South Eastern Freeway, it’ll start. The sick feeling will probably come first and then the sweating. Oh, maybe the sweating first because I am already feeling a bit warm.

Where ever it is, it is. There is nothing I can do right now except enjoy my cup of coffee and read wonderful messages from my family and friends.

It still doesn’t feel quite real in all honesty. I still look the same. My house and my street and my suburb haven’t changed. I don’t ‘feel’ sick. People don’t look at me any differently when I go to the shops. It is probably one of the hardest illnesses to describe. Is it even an illness? Most people call it a diagnosis.

Anyway, it is cancer and I have it and today, in less than two hours, I will find out every single spot it has nestled into.

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