Tuesday Scan Day

Ugh, what a boring morning THAT was.

My first instruction was to fast. WTF? Fat chicks dont fast! What are they telling me to fast for? What about a coffee in the morning with one bowl of cereal and a slice of toast? IS that ok? Well, apparently NOT. Just some water. Geez, not sure how I am going to cope with all this cancer business if it is starting off like this!

The first scan was that amazing one where it feels like you are doing a nice warm wee in your pants after they inject the dye into you. Have you had it before? I am not really sure why but that really fascinates me to no end. All this went from 8am until 9:30am and then I got a two hour break (YeeeHaaa). It was time to feed this fat chick!

Being a coeliac means you get to be quite organised when it comes to foods. I think I speak for most coeliacs when I say we would usually have something to eat in our bags. Today I just happened to have 2 fake vegemite gluten free sandwiches, a gluten free protein bar (thanks Tam xx It was amazing) and a little container (oh, I must remember to return that container to my MIL) of mixed nuts and seeds.

I did drag that ol’ country boy of mine into Rundle Mall, down to the David Jones food court for a wonderful coffee, to the chemist for some medications, off through Rundle Place to see the new building and then to work to pick up a parcel. It was nice to see a few people walking by for their morning coffees but I wasn’t yet ready to brave the hoards of wonderful people up on ‘my level’ of the building. And I was a little time poor anyway so off Sam and I went.

On a side note, Sam was mortified that hardly anyone looked up. They were all looking down at their phones or ipads or what ever and only one person said hello to him. Yep, he isn’t from around this way hehe.

We were back to the hospital for the second set of scans after our little outing and ready for the final scans. Is it normal to have a little snooze while these are being done? I hope so because I did have said snooze and it was quite lovely. What wasn’t lovely was jolting awake and staring at a big screen with a cross just inches away from your face! This was the MRI one which takes about thirty minutes to do a full body scan and some seriously close head shots. All up today, four and a half hours worth of scans. Not too bad I guess.

I tried to have a peek at the monitor as I was leaving but all I could see was my very skinny skeleton. I knew I was still skinny on the inside!

This part of the blog is for Simpson watchers only because if you dont watch the Simspons, I am going to sound really odd. As Sam and I were walking through the parklands back to the car, I started doing a Mr Burns in the forest walk LMAO! Remember? When he was glowing green from what ever he takes in the night? That is how I imagined I looked with all that stuff in me!

Now the wait begins. This time tomorrow I’ll have the answers as to how far the cancer has spread. Thankfully I am too pooped to care right now. I believe it is time for a little nap on my sofa.

See ya tomorrow!

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