Yay – It Is Just Breast Cancer!

Well, there’s the good news. I only have cancer in my breast and lymph nodes. No liver cancer, kidney cancer, even my ear hasn’t got the cancer I thought it had. Oh, I must get that ear checked soon then.

My surgery is booked for Monday 20th of April at 7pm. Yes, at night! Who’d a heard of such a thing as twilight surgery. I’ll be in the hospital for a minimum of 4 days and then the lop sided me will head home to recover from the surgery.

New boobs will have to wait and I’ll just have to be lop sided until my surgeon thinks it is time to even me up. I will trust him to make the right decision there because I keep hearing so many amazing things about this man.

Thank you so much to everyone again for their amazing messages, words, thoughts and everything in between. It really means the world to know I am loved, cared for and thought about.

Right, time to find that bottle of bubbles and get guzzling before it’s time to give them up for a while.

20 thoughts on “Yay – It Is Just Breast Cancer!

  1. Jeanette

    As positive a result as it could have been….says a lot about being a cup 1/2 full person πŸ˜‰ …. you are an inspiration Amanda Bailey and I too look forward to reading your book… We are sure you will conquer this with your humour, positivity and bucket loads of love and support (not to mention a good oncologist). Brendan & Jeanette xxx


  2. Sue Thompson

    That is good news. Hope surgery goes well. Only positive thoughts. You got this. You got a wedding to plan. Sending prayers.


  3. Great news for you! I’m going tomorrow 4/16 for surgery on breast lump and 1 lymph node (other nodes may be removed also)….will know more further. I’m anxious and hope I have good news.
    Best wishes and prayers for 4/20


  4. JillBorrett

    We were all relieved to hear your news Amanda. Sorry I didn’t comment earlier but I was having trouble with your blog. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best for Monday. I am sure it will all go ok. Jill


  5. how are you doing? I’m hurting….think i need different pain meds. today, realizing i’m not ok……need to rest much. told med. staff….. and surgeon, so many pics of this titty……and not making me any $$$ i have to pay in fact…….are you planning to post any pics on websites? Surgeon’s face turned red, but he laughed LOL

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    1. I am still doing well thank you. The pain I get is more so from the drains more than the wound. I can move my left arm well, slowly but well. I find I am needing stronger medication late in the day but I had been told that day three following the surgery is when the pain kicks in. I found I was really tired today and slept a lot. Hopefully you were given good pain meds. Lol to the photos! I guess my blank space where leftie used to live is boring because no one is lining up to photograph it. Am glad you still have a sense of humor! Keep smiling. What is the next step for you?


      1. Hi Amanda, I’m still hurting, late day and evening mostly. I did not rest like I should, and now am paying the price. the past few days, I’ve been resting. I have chemo Dr. appt. soon to set up treatments, then probably a mastectomy because of pre cancerous findings in same breast. MRI of breasts this week. It sucks, but I’m so glad to have you sharing with me. πŸ’™ πŸ™‚


      2. I am sorry you are still hurting but am glad you have now realised how important resting is. Good luck with your appointments, I hope they go well for you. I am resting after my surgery now but have my post op surgery appointment coming up as well as an appointment with my oncologist. Like you though, I am still in a bit of pain but as long as I keep up with the pain medication, I am doing ok. Stay positive πŸ™‚


    1. Hi there. I am in South Australia and in all honesty, am only learning all about this breast cancer stuff now. I am learning as I go and have no idea about breast cancer rates in my area. What do you mean -breast cancer rates? Does that mean the success of beating cancer in my area or do you mean how many people have it?


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