Chicken Run


Caroline (above) looks innocent enough doesn’t she? Well, all three of my girls look sweet and innocent but they’re NOT. They are naughty and cheeky little girls.

Yesterday, as I sat in my lovely home office, I heard quite the cackle come from the chicken coop just outside my window. I had a look and could see the girls all chasing each other and throwing a ‘lump’ of something around. They were all very excited and noisy so I decided I wanted to be a part of the fun.

Turns out, the lump, was a mouse! They had killed the tiny little thing and were now using it as a rugby ball. There was tackling and cackling and then there was me, in the middle of it all. I was trying to get the mouse off them.

Well, this intensified the game in their beady little eyes. Once I caught Steffie Forrester, she dropped the mouse and along came Brooke who scooped it up and took off. I put Steffie Forrester down and took off after Brooke who was now under the chicken coop where I couldn’t reach her.

I grabbed a stick to shoo her out of the hole and out she came, all wings blazing and shot past me. Steffie Forrester grabbed the mouse out of Brookes beak and then she took off.

Now, tell me this wasn’t a calculated game in their eyes??

Every time I caught a girl with the mouse, she’d drop it and another would collect it. By the time I grabbed a neighbour to help me, the mouse was gone. Seeing as though it was dead, I know it didn’t run away.


Below is Brooke.


Below is cheeky Steffie Forrester.


In only 7 days I will be returning to my full time job after 10 months of cancer fighting. I will miss my girls antics, my dogs cuddles and play times, lesurely lunches with friends, brunch coffee’s with neighbours but it is time. Time to return to the new world for me.

Yes, I am looking forward to it.

Yes, I am anxious about it.


4 thoughts on “Chicken Run

  1. Hahahaha! I love the way you told this story. Your chickens are adorable. And yes, they can be trouble-makers too. I remember while living in the D.R., I often had to stay away from ours. But I always enjoyed watching them. They are full of emotions.

    Enjoy the time you have off and be sure to rest. xoxo


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