Aaaaaachoooooo! Give me Soup!

Yep, that is me sneezing my guts out. Unfortunately, it isn’t the flu. I can’t take any cold and flu tablets to get rid of this. T

This ‘illness’ is a side effect from chemo. I think. I sneeze like crazy, constant runny nose and a bit of a cough. But, I don’t care too much because, it is saving my life. Not everyone agrees with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, both of which I have chosen to continue with but it is my choice and I am going to embrace this lifesaving technology. And deal with the feelings (side effects) that come with it.

Today, I had a day out. I put on my pretty little hat that Gilda had delivered to me, I popped on some make up and off I went. Sam had sent me a text saying he would take me out when he got home from work but I declined. I woke feeling pretty good today and I was ready to face the world. And, I really wanted to buy a bean bag.

My bed is my most favourite place in the whole wide world. What I am frightened off with all these chemo feelings is that I might fall out of love with my bed. Saturday I slept until about 5ish. Monday, I was up at about 6pm. So you see, I am having some really bad days where I spend hours upon hours in bed.

I know this would be a dream for some people and in all honesty, this is the most favourite feeling given to me from chemo. Sleeping through the headaches, nausea, dizziness and what not is great. But, I dont want to get to a stage where I dislike my bed. That would be terrible because I honestly have an intense love for my bed.

So, this beanbag I bought I figured might/will be a great alternative. My sofa is about 13 years old and isn’t so comfy anymore and Sam’s sofa is, well, woody. I say woody because if you ‘throw’ yourself down on to it you get a big bar of wood in your back. Enter, beanbag. I will hide it from my gorgeous dogs because I would love just one thing NOT to smell like a dog.

Anyway, I have one week today until next spa therapy session (chemo) and I am thinking that I should be feeling amazing but it isn’t so yet. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel amazing but I doubt that too. I say this because I seem to have a good day followed by a not so good day. I have my positive feelings saying that tomorrow is going to be amazing and I will be up and about to do some chores that I have on my list of things to do.

Thanks to my cousins and family, there isn’t a great deal of housework to do. There are always things to do though hey? Not important things but just things.

I want to walk Brady (my big white groodle) because not only will he (and I) love our walks but his nails are getting long and boy they are loud on our floor boards. I want to assemble a simple Ikea side table, fill a bean bag etc.

What I am happy about though is that I made pumpkin soup today. Sam doesn’t like my soup which is great because it means there is so much more for me. There is a bit of healthy intake that included butternut pumpkin, onion, garlic, sweet potato, chicken stock and a bit of cream. One must have some dairy right?  I am pleased with this ‘healthy dish’ because yesterday, I had nothing to eat but pancakes for dinner. Appetite is real hit and miss these days. I feel it is best to eat what you feel like when you feel like it because that craving/appetite goes just as quickly as it arrives.

My big question today is for those who have had/have cancer and have had/having their lymph nodes removed. Have you thought of or had a medic alert bracelet made in case of emergency? You know how we can’t have any blood taken, IV’s inserted etc… What happens in a car accident or a head injury where you can’t tell the doctors or nurses not to use that arm?

Random Photo of Brady again because seeing a photo of me with my red nose, bald head, dry skin, is just not as cute as my Groodle Brady …..

IMG_0013 15

Spa Therapy # 2 (AKA Chemo # 2)

I wasn’t going to post until I was feeling better because I didn’t want to upset anyone who might be following my blog and hasn’t started chemo. But this is my blog to not only let my friends and family know where I am at but also to help me release my inner thoughts and feelings and let me tell you, they aren’t happy ones today.

The chemo yesterday was fine and dandy. Nothing out of the ordinary really but I didn’t feel great on the way home. Not like the first ‘spa therapy’ anyway.

All night, I couldn’t sleep but napped. Those dexamphetamines really worked last night, my brain was having a good old talk and yell to me all night. I tried to get up and blog or at least play some facebook game but that made me feel sick so I went back to bed and finished my book. Laying down was a lot better for me than sitting up.

My body ached, right through my bones, stomach cramps, headache, nausea (medium), sore knees and hot and cold fevers. It really was an awful night so fingers crossed it is not the same tonight. I love to sleep. It is one of my most favourite things in the world (I have lots of favourite things in my life)

This morning Sam provided me with 2 lovely home made gluten free pancakes with organic maple syrup, coffee and water to go with my tablets. I find that I really struggle in the morning with getting food into me these days and Sam knows my weaknesses. I have to eat with some of the tablets I take. Whilst I wont be losing any weight any time soon on this diet, I really dont care. As long as the food comes in (and later comes out), all is good.

Today all I have on my plate is to find a moment to go to my GP and get my bone marrow injection and that’s it.

Sam will take Kelly the Cone head to the vet to get her cone off her head and the stitches out of her ear. I can not believe our girl has kept that cone on her head for two whole weeks. Sam and I, as well as Brady, might well be bruised beyond belief as she doesn’t make allowances for said cone but she has been fine 🙂

Sorry for a negative ninny post today but I feel like crap. Like really super duper shitty ol’ crap.

Thank goodness for the happiness and love I receive from everyone around me. The lovely emails, texts, letters and cards, gifts,squares and of course, that blanket from Auntie Janet that I just can’t get enough off.

Oh, before I go, another huge shout out to my amazing family. Cleaner number 1 is on his way over today to give a quote on cleaning. Sam being Sam has cleaned the house within an inch of its life.