Spa Therapy # 2 (AKA Chemo # 2)

I wasn’t going to post until I was feeling better because I didn’t want to upset anyone who might be following my blog and hasn’t started chemo. But this is my blog to not only let my friends and family know where I am at but also to help me release my inner thoughts and feelings and let me tell you, they aren’t happy ones today.

The chemo yesterday was fine and dandy. Nothing out of the ordinary really but I didn’t feel great on the way home. Not like the first ‘spa therapy’ anyway.

All night, I couldn’t sleep but napped. Those dexamphetamines really worked last night, my brain was having a good old talk and yell to me all night. I tried to get up and blog or at least play some facebook game but that made me feel sick so I went back to bed and finished my book. Laying down was a lot better for me than sitting up.

My body ached, right through my bones, stomach cramps, headache, nausea (medium), sore knees and hot and cold fevers. It really was an awful night so fingers crossed it is not the same tonight. I love to sleep. It is one of my most favourite things in the world (I have lots of favourite things in my life)

This morning Sam provided me with 2 lovely home made gluten free pancakes with organic maple syrup, coffee and water to go with my tablets. I find that I really struggle in the morning with getting food into me these days and Sam knows my weaknesses. I have to eat with some of the tablets I take. Whilst I wont be losing any weight any time soon on this diet, I really dont care. As long as the food comes in (and later comes out), all is good.

Today all I have on my plate is to find a moment to go to my GP and get my bone marrow injection and that’s it.

Sam will take Kelly the Cone head to the vet to get her cone off her head and the stitches out of her ear. I can not believe our girl has kept that cone on her head for two whole weeks. Sam and I, as well as Brady, might well be bruised beyond belief as she doesn’t make allowances for said cone but she has been fine 🙂

Sorry for a negative ninny post today but I feel like crap. Like really super duper shitty ol’ crap.

Thank goodness for the happiness and love I receive from everyone around me. The lovely emails, texts, letters and cards, gifts,squares and of course, that blanket from Auntie Janet that I just can’t get enough off.

Oh, before I go, another huge shout out to my amazing family. Cleaner number 1 is on his way over today to give a quote on cleaning. Sam being Sam has cleaned the house within an inch of its life.