The Unichable Itch

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How weird is the title? Well, imagine what it says. You have an itch, mine is under my left arm where my left boob has been removed.

When I try to itch it, I can’t feel myself itching it. The itch remains itchy even while I try to itch it! It is a funny, annoying and unless you have lived it, quite hard to make someone understand exactly what I mean.

And itch, wow, does it itch! It doesn’t end. Constantly I feel the need to itch under my arm or near the under arm of the left boozie boobie that has left me but itching it gives me no relief because the damn area is still quite numb.

I must admit here and now, I do entertain myself. I mean look at me. I have breast cancer. I am missing an entire breast (thankfully it was the breast with the hair on it that was taken away), I have had nine out of 20 lymph nodes removed, a scar from my chest bone to under my arm and here I am, complaining about an itch that can not be scratched.

Bet you wish you were me right now hey?