Boogers and Safety Nets

Hair Loss. Did you realise that included my nose hairs?

What worries me here is what are my boogers going to hang on to now? They are like trapeze artists aren’t they? Clinging on to their rope, swinging away over to the next rope, but, I am outta ropes up there. When a booger appears, there are going to be no ropes and NO SAFETY NET!

What happens? Am I just going to be sitting in a cafe somewhere, some day and a booger will just fall out of my nose onto the table next to my friande and coffee?

Usually, I think, once a booger has finished their trapeze act, they’d fall into the nest of nose hairs at the bottom and wait for you to blow it out into a tissue. They’d just hang out on that safety net of nose hair until you are ready BUT I HAVE NO SAFETY NET.

Ah man, people warn you about chemotherapy side effects being feelings of nausea, mouth ulcers, fatigue, bone pain but nothing about boogers. What About The Boogers!!??

I was talking the neighbours John and Clare about it yesterday with them being nurses and all but they were no help, all they did was laugh. When I asked for a tissue, I got given a paper towel and told, it’s super absorbent! How much did he think I had up there?

A few hours later I received a text from Clare advising there was a little gift on the front door matt for me.


Pocket Pack Tissues. Thanks guys! You really are the caring neighbours one needs with they have no nose hairs…