Medicate Me!!!

Where have I been? Just over there, in bed.

Remember how I said the drugs have now changed and my chemo will be different that the last four? Well blow me down if they weren’t right. I can barely stay out of bed for half an hour, the body and bone pain never leaves, have over dosed accidentally on codeine and we all know what that does to ones bum…… enter hemorrhoids AGAIN!!

Today I’d had enough. I rang my girls (they’d be the oncology nurses who give me my chemo) who in turn rang my oncologist and here’s what we are going to do.

Dr Sid (oncologist) is sending a script via fax to my local chemist right now which I’ll get Sam to pick up on his way home. This will be a very strong pain killer.

If I am still crap tomorrow, I get two nights in a single suite at my private hospital so they can take the pain away and give me some relief.

My temperature keeps popping up to 37.9 which does make me smile because it is the temperature of 38 degrees that we have to worry about. It never really gets there.

I think that is about all I have to report on today. Please have my very sore bum in your thoughts today as well as my body and hopefully, I’ll be right as rain tomorrow.

Oh thats right, one more thing. Totally busy and preoccupied with myself, I hadn’t gotten anything for Sam for his birthday yesterday. Oh I was a right misery guts laying in bed knowing I couldn’t drive to the nearest shopping centre about 20 kilometers away when I remembered, he talked about wanting one of those full sized wine barrels. I wizzed down to the landscaping yard, in my town, bought it and they delivered it free for me. So when he got home, there it was. Phew, gotta love country folk.

Over and out


1am Party at My Place/Horse Hair Towel

I have a cold. Not a pretend one like last time but a full blown, snotty nosed, aching head cold. I went to bed Sunday night feeling as good as a person can having had a spa treatment (chemo) on Thursday (which is shit in case you are not aware) and half woke on Monday morning feeling like I’d been donged on the head with a rubber mallet.

The main thing someone going through spa therapy must do is keep an eye on their temperature. If it goes above 38 degrees, straight to the hospital so, last night at 1am, I was feeling mighty warm (which I shouldn’t be because it is very cold in the Adelaide Hills at night),  I grabbed the thermometer I had cleverly put next to the bed in preparation for a middle of the night temperature taking, flipped open my mobile so I had a bit of light and took my temperature. I was 35.6 which was weird because I felt really hot but my thermometer said otherwise, but wouldn’t you know it, those few little movements woke Brady up.

He pads over to me licking his chops which tells me he wants to just nick outside to grab a drink and possibly do a wee. I did ask him if he was absolutely sure (sometimes he goes back to bed without needing these things) and yep, he was sure. Up I get, very quietly so as to not wake Dr Hands, tip toe down the hallway, past Kelly who is snoring like a beast and let Brady out. I decide I may as well ‘go’ as well while I am up. I am doing all of this in the dark so I don’t wake the two sleepers but as soon as I flush the toilet, Kelly is up.

As I stand at the back door, Kelly heads on outside to do her business and just as she is about to walk back inside, takes a detour to the water bowl and has a little drink. Then she decides to have some nibbles on her dog biscuits when I turn into quiet, whispering with angry voice, psycho woman and tell her to get her ass inside, explain it is 1am and everyone should be asleep, not nibbling on biscuits and wanting to wee. Yes, there were a few swear words included in this speech to Kelly but she was now in a foul mood too and didn’t have anything to say to me. She did plod really loudly (that could have been my imagination) to the fireplace and sat in front of it glaring at me. The fire had gone out. AS IF I was going to light the bloody fire at 1am because Kelly was awake now!!??

So, I stormed off away from Kelly with Brady at my heels (they sleep at opposite ends of the house), shut the hallway door as quietly as possible when all I wanted to do was slam it, walk the walk back to bed and realise, my head really really hurts and I needed some headache tablets so off I go again, up the hallway, past grumpy Kelly etc…..


Just quickly, I wont take up too much more of your time but, I have now realised I need a fresh, clean towel each and every time I shower.


Well, I showered this morning (yes, that was quite a feat let me tell you after last nights shenanigans) and felt absolutely amazing having just washed away an entire day of bed ridden cold infected feelings, and I moisturised myself all over remembering to leave my head til last (not to spread those spikey little hairs all over my body that are still coming out of my head.

I grabbed my towel and OMG, WTF? OUCH, EEK, GET THEM OFF ME!! The towel was full of my tiny little prickle head hairs from my last shower which were now all over my body and disgusting!! I was itchy as anything, spikey all over and was wriggling about my ensuite like a prickly yet slimy worm (yep, that word there is for you Uncle Mark). Not only was I covered in moisturiser, now the little prickle hairs had stuck themselves to said moisturiser and the more I rubbed with the towel (yes, I am not overly bright), the more prickles I got.

The 2nd shower was not as lovely and refreshing as the first because all I could think about was the waste of water. We, in our lovely little town, do not have mains water like the flatlanders but rely on our rain water tanks to shower us and such. Two showers in one day is not wise but I will take into account, we have had a decent amount of rain so I haven’t emptied those tanks yet.

Lets hope today improves somewhat…..