8th and Final Chemo Today!!

You’d think I’d be excited wouldn’t you but nope, I feel nothing. I think it is because it isn’t over but I know, in about two or three weeks when the poison has gone from my body that I’ll be feeling amazing.

So, in preparation for today’s chemo I have put my make up on minus the eye make up because there are no lashes there, I spiked up my hair (with sorbeline cream), and put on the same lipstick I wore for my first chemo. I perked me up somewhat.

Today’s session shouldn’t take that long either which is good because I think I made a bit of a boo boo last night. I had my pre chemo medication after dinner last night and they usually keep me up for a little longer than usual because they are steroid based but last night, instead of taking three Valium to go with the steroids, I think I grabbed three of the steroids.

That would explain a totally and completely sleepless night. I finally fell asleep at 7am to be woken about 8:30am by Dr Hands with my breakfast and more pre chemo meds and said that I was three short. So that confirms my suspicions.

Now, I have to ask my oncologist not only for more endone, which is another drug I hate but also three dexis. He is sure to think I am a drug addict of sorts but what he wont know is that I hate both drugs. Endone stops my poop, as the world now knows, and doesn’t let me sleep. The steroids make me grumpy and stop me sleeping. So, once I am finished taking those, I will be over the moon.

So, thats my story for today.


No dog piccies today, its all about the 8th and final chemo session. Shame you can’t see my gorgeous platinum white blonde spiky hair in this pic but trust me, its there. And I think I have two hairs coming through on my eye brows!

The New Drugs

Yesterday was the new chemo medication (the almost four hour visit) now has me on doseytaxol and herceptin.

Today, so far so good. Went to sleep just after 1am last night (lots of steroids for this treatment that keep me awake) and Sam let me sleep until 10am before waking with a breakfast of pancakes with real maple syrup, coffee, water and steroids, anti nausea tablets and panadol.

I did get up and about for about an hour but went back to bed until about 3pm. Dozed on and off etc but so far so good. I seem to have lost the headaches and most of the nausea. I think I was only nauseas this morning because being woken and asked to eat straight away isn’t my thing.

Thankfully, these chemo sessions wont last as long as this first time. They’ll get shorter and shorter.

Dr George has popped into my house to give my 24 hour after chemo injection (still loving this country service) and that’s about it.

Oh, the ring wasn’t in Kellys poop so I dont think I fed my diamond ring to the dogs.

Am feeling a bit dopey which makes TV, books and even blogging dull. Hopefully I’ll be back to laughing and giggling tomorrow. I am reading Game of Thrones Book 4 and O.M.G. I need my concentration back please because it is really really amazing right now.


I think you’ll find me here for the next few days.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention yesterday, my amazing cleaner once again left me a hair tie on my bedside table which again, had me in a fit of giggles 🙂