So today was the day. My beautiful family have all pitched in and hired a cleaner for Sam and I for the next three months. As most of you know, Sam works full time, is taking care of me post surgery, chemo, sickness etc and running the whole house hold. Today, Sam came home from work, we chatted (not sure how he felt about having to do that bit with me), had a couple of cans of ‘jacks’ and had a wee little nap after work.

The house was spotless.

Our cleaner spent a little extra time today being the ‘first’ clean and all but as of next Thursday (and fortnightly from then on), she’ll be here for only a couple of hours doing floors and bathrooms and such. Aaaaahhhhh. It is amazing.

Did I feel uncomfortable sitting in my lounge room listening to a vacuum cleaner not being used by Sam or myself? Nup. Loved it in fact! She is even a bit bossy telling Sam and I not to walk on the floors for ten minutes after she had cleaned them ahahaha. She is sooo like my bossy cousin Linda!

It really was a perfect day for her to be here though because I have been a bit poorly as of late. Yes I know, cancer and chemo and whatnot can cause a few unwell days. Well, it seems as though Sam and I have a wee stomach bug.

I figured my upset stomach was just another one of my chemo feelings but nope, Sam has a yucky tummy too.

Another great thing happened today, more squares! Yep, that’s right. Ashley (the postie) was so bloody excited today about my ‘presents’ as he calls them. They are never parcels. Never deliveries but always presents!

Not only did I get more squares but I received squares from people I have never met! That is something that blogging and facebook are great for. For bringing together people. Whatever the reason but for me, I have so much support not only from my friends and family but also family and friends of my friends and family. Did you get all that?

So, here is a pic of my current collection! I loooooove each and every square…….. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my ever growing blanket. You have no idea how much these all mean to me xx


Squares Make Me Happy

Remember how my Granny knitted me a square because I wanted a positive piece of my Granny to be with me through chemo. Well, it turns out my gorgeous daughter has also knitted me a square and I can’t wait to see it. She is going to bring it to chemo tomorrow to visit me and deliver the square. I was telling my mum over the phone during our nightly 5:30pm phone catch ups about these squares and said, I might collect enough squares that I can possibly make a rug out of.

How awesome would that be? (hint hint). Personally, I can’t knit but I do love the idea of squares coming along, unmatched but with their own specialness. Mum has agreed to make one too.

Accalia (daughter) has advised me hers has holes in it but really, who cares? She has made this square for me. Just like my Granny did and just like my mum is about to.

Yes, tomorrow is Spa Day commonly known as chemo. This will be the first of many and I want to thank everyone for their text messages, emails and blog messages of kindness and well wishes.

What concerns me is that I am not as worried as everyone else is expecting me to be. Does that make sense? I keep getting asked how I am coping and sending me best wishes which is all lovely and such but whilst I am not concerned about the Spa Therapy, people seem very confused that I am not.

Maybe I’ll be worried more so tomorrow than now because it is still a day away.

Here are my two girls, Kelly and Accalia.

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