Sam Did It His Way.

Sam and his Mum, January 2016.

315 days ago I went to work knowing I would only have to be there for half a day as I had a mammogram and ultrasound booked for a lump in my breast that had previously been diagnosed as ‘mastitis’.

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Happy Again

Geez, wasn’t I the misery guts yesterday? I guess I had just gotten sick of myself but today is a whole new day and I’m feeling better.

I have even showered and put on proper clothes (no, this is not a regular occurrence), have emptied and refilled the dishwasher, said hello to Kelly but NOT Brady (we still aren’t talking to each other) and have caught up on all of my favourite blogs.

All that was needed to get me out of my funk was a few champagnes, a big whinge, chit chats and I’m back.

Therefore, my diagnosis for the not so great days, grab a bottle of bubbles, a neighbour and have a chat.

IMG_0060 8

I’m leaving you with this photo I took of a donkey when visiting my sister and her family in Perth a few years ago. Everytime I see this photo, it makes me smile (and thank goodness I own and use a toothbrush!).