My Boy Brady Bailey-Wilkinson

Anyone that knows Brady Bailey-Wilkinson will know he is a bit of a character. I will throw in a few words about him at random….

* Big

* White (at times)

* Happy

* Loving

* Dopey

Brady is a Groodle (Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle), also known as a Golden Doodle in other countries.

Dopey is the big and often common name used for Brady. He is absolutely hilarious in the fact he can walk into a wall that has been there forever and look up from his bop, very confused. Throw a ball, peice of meat or any type of toy and he can catch it with his eyes closed. We will never work out his bopping of his head constantly on tables, walls, doors etc.

Whilst Brady is a mama’s boy, when Papa is out working in the yard, weather it be chopping wood for the fire, gardening or, like today, building a chicken coop for me, Brady must be out there helping him.

Sam has locked him in the house on the odd occasion for Bradys safety (apparently) and it really upsets Brady and he paces the house like Rain Man. There are certain things in Bradys life that need to be his way and if Papa is out working in the yard, then Brady needs to be there with him.

Kelly on the other hand, would rather be curled up near her mama or near the fire where it is warm and like her mama, has no interest or energy to help out Papa and Brady.

The funny thing with Brady lately (since the cancer bizzo) Brady has changed a few of his ways. He seems to have caught on to a few things like, Mama isn’t always available now. Mama needs gentle Brady, not jump up on my lap Brady.

He is often locked out of the bedroom when I am in ‘recovery’ stage of chemo and once in a while, he finds his way in and is so very quiet. I only know he is there from the feel of his breath of my cheek. I give him a quick pat and he gently pads back out to see Papa. It is like he knows when Mama is resting and when Mama needs a cuddle and when she just needs to be checked upon.

Today, while Brady is out ‘working’ on the coop with Papa, he feels the need to run up the hill, through the side door, race up the long hall way to check on me every twenty minutes or so. As I am up and out of bed, Brady must pop his head in my face, have a quick pat and chat and then he is back outside to work. This gorgeous boy of mine certainly has a gift in being able to put a smile on my face in times of sadness, pain, discomfort or just simple tiredness.

Uniden Digital Camera
Baby Brady – 7 Weeks Old

Brady was one of the most wonderful gifts given to me from Sam, aka Papa, Dr Hands, Bossy Boots, etc As you can see in his puppy photo, he was HUGE and gorgeous. He was bred by Sam’s parents and is, in my opinion, the best of them all. I absolutely adore this big boy of mine.

Uniden Digital Camera
Baby Brady – 9 Weeks Old

He grew, though, a lot!


And Shaggier….


But look what happens to him in the summer months…


He has a wee little shave to keep him cool, tidy and neat.

This month my boy turns 7 years old.

Just a quick note on my ‘feelings’ for today

* Cold

* Thirsty

* Headache (very mild)

* Nausea (very mild)

I had a great sleep last night but I must say it was aided by some sleeping tablets. This could be the reason I feel a wee bit better today.