14 ‘Burns’ to go

Yep, only 14 more radiation sessions to go. That includes my one today and the day I have to have 2 in the one day. This will ensure I will be finished with radiotherapy on Christmas Eve!

The burning has started. It is pretty sore, I wont lie. The calendular cream isn’t cutting it anymore so I have to use not only the calendular three times a day but I now have to use a steroid cream as well, three times a day.

These photos dont really do the burn justice but it is like a really bad sunburn. Even putting the cream on hurts the burn.

Apparently, I have to stay out of the sun and try to keep cool. I live in Adelaide and we are not known for many cool days during December!!

Thankfully that is the only burn I am getting so far. The collarbone and shoulder need radiation apparently as this is where the cancer can spread if there are any little bits left over from the mastectomy and chemo.

How anything could survive all of this stuff is beyond me so fingers crossed, there are no little nasties left in my body.

The fatigue comes and goes and is absolutely nothing like chemo. It will just be a day here and there. Or even a few hours where I need to just have a sit down and rest. To combat this, I sit down and rest a lot! They do say that Prevention is better than a Cure.

That’s me for now.