The Professor Said – Stay Fat!

Yep, you read it right here, I am to stay fat!

My surgeon wants me to lose weight, my oncologist just wants me to go for some gentle walks three times a week and my professor, the one who is sorting out my radiation stuff says no, dont lose weight yet.

This would be the reason I ate half a tub of Ben and Jerrys triple caramel ice cream after dinner tonight.

It is really hard to keep all of them happy so I have to choose the doctor, or professor in this case, that sounds right. He said something about if I lost a lot of weight, all of the settings for my radiation would need to be done again. Well, we cant have THAT now, can we?

Something else that happened recently was a lovely group of girls came over to visit me and drink and eat with me and laugh with me. Well, one of the girls we’ll call TK for the purpose of this blog, thought my teary eyes when they arrived was because I was so happy to see them. She is one who will get a bit teary in some situations. Like, you know, when you meet up with someone at the airport, you might get a bit weepy in the eyes etc.

After an hour, my eyes were still weeping and she realised that no, it was not because I was STILL emotional from their visit but was chemo related hehe. How cute is that?

Hmmmm what else can I tell you? Oh, today was the 3rd radiation visit so that leaves only 30 visits to go. I finish up on Christmas Eve.

I am going to shave my head again. It is growing but only on the sides still and nothing in the middle. So, I look like a bald fat old man which is not the look I am going for. And the hair on the sides is almost fluffy. It isn’t even real hair so I can’t even get excited about it. There is no use having it there. It is even long enough not for me to get ‘bed hair’. Usually, the side hair sticks out, like, straight out. When I get up, one side will be flat and the other sticky out. Off it is going to come.

Oh thats right, I meant to tell you this ages ago. Well, last week anyway. I went to the chemist (no, not the local one with Mary but a city one) and the young girl says to me, would you like to enter our raffle. I said ‘yeah sure, whats the prize?’ and she points to a basket at the end of the counter. The basket was full of hair care products. I am standing at the counter, bald except for my sticky out side hair and no hair in the middle and she is offering me to enter a competition to win hair spray and mousse and shampoos and conditioners. I said, oh thats nice, I guess I’ll have hair one day and she looked at ME with a confused look!! At least the ladies to the side of me thought it was funny.

Alright, thats about it for me for the moment. I am on a massive sugar high which is not good at this time of night 7:20pm, I could be bouncing off the walls all night.


Busy times ahead ….

So, I met my radiologist person and he is a Professor! Dr Borg is his name and he seems lovely. He had a look and feel of my scar and yes, there is a lump there that he wants to have checked out so here is my schedule this coming Thursday…

8:45am – Ultrasound with potential fine needle aspiration

10:00 am – Heart test with that dye stuff

1:10 pm – Chemo

3:15 pm – Visit Oncologist

Yep, it’s going to be a huge day for someone like me who can barely do anything for longer than an hour without needing a 3 day nap!

So, back to the Professor. Whilst he was running a little late (1 hour!!), he did seem really pleasant and whilst he was running so far behind, I did expect to be rushed but he took all the time needed to check out that lump, have a little tease with Sam and I as to weather we were competing with the baldness (Professor was pretty impressed I was out and about without wig or hat), and go through what the treatment is about.

Oh, just taking a step back a bit, while we were waiting the hour to see the Professor (yes, I will always call him the Professor from here on in), Sam collected his usual reading material. He needs to know everything where as I leave all of the bits to my doctors, oncologists and Professors.


In case you can’t see the title of some of these, here are some of them that he chose to bring home….

  • Managing Vaginal Bleeding
  • Sexual Wellbeing
  • Managing Hot Flushes

Isn’t he a treasure to think of getting these pamphlets??

Anyhoo, it seems that my radiotherapy will start 4 weeks after my chemo finishes so that is in three months.

My radiotherapy, when it starts, only goes for 6 and a half weeks. Phew hey? Um, no, there is no Phew there.

It is EVERYDAY for six and a half weeks. That works out to 32 and a half treatments, everyday, five days a week  for six weeks.


I know I know, the whole life saving bizzo but geez, it is a one and a half hour round trip. 90 kilometers a day, every day for six and a half weeks. This is now sounding like work.

And another thing, unlike chemo where they book you in as a day patient and the private health fund covers the cost, that isn’t the case with Radio. I am going to have to pay a gap. Is that daily? Do I have to pay each and every day?

So, not only do we have the travel costs for 90 kilometers each day for six and a half weeks, I also have to pay for the radiotherapy AND my health insurance fees AND my income insurance fees and hope the whole lot balances out somehow….

I know I shouldn’t complain about costs and availability of such successful treatment etc but I am tired.

Cancer isn’t just about the body, it also is really hard work keeping up with the bills and the accounts that come in and who pays what and when and what not.

Whinge complete.