My New Head

This is a photo of me on December 31 2015, as previously posted on ‘The Year That Was’


Here is my photo today, 18th of January 2016.

Photo on 18-01-2016 at 9.20 am

CHECK OUT MY HAIR AND EYEBROWS!! They came back woot woot.

Now, just waiting for my eyelashes to come through nice and long and luxurious (dreaming here but a girl can hope).

Bits of Information

  • The chickens all have names – Steffie Forrester, Caroline and Brooke
  • Brady has been depressed because of Steffie Forrester, Caroline and Brooke because I go into the coop without him and he is jealous
  • It has been 18 days since I have consumed alcohol
  • There are only six days until I will be enjoying a glass or two of bubbles with my girlfriends for our Annual Australia Day catch up which is being held on the 24th of January this year
  • I am still waking up around 6am each morning (not by choice, my eyes just open and body is ready to get moving)
  • I had to pluck my eyebrows two days ago because the little hairs are growing back
  • My cow lick came back with my hair! grrrr
  • I purchased Theracucumin as recommended to help ease the bone and joint pain associated with my new medication Tamoxifen and it is working!


Cuddles with Kelly

I have been a bit poorly these last few days. Nothing out of the ordinary but remember when I said I would not share my Auntie Janet blanket with any of the dogs, well, I may have caved for a brief moment.

IMG_20150719_202217 20150719_202304

Next spa therapy treatment is due this Thursday but I am actually looking forward to it this week.

There is a lady that has her chemo on the same day as myself and while she has her chemo, her husband sleeps in the car because he works night shift. She mentioned about a month ago how much she liked my breast cancer hat. Then I saw her recently and again, she was alone, her wig a little askew but still with her happiness and chattiness in tact.

Dr Hands and I decided to buy her a hat just like mine. I can’t wait to either give it to her or leave it for her to collect. I hope she likes it as much as I do.


This is the hat….. obviously taken a while ago coz I can see hair in this photo hehe.