A Blanket made with Love

One of the greatest things about having no hair is you don’t wake up with bed hair.

It looks like my, now good friend, Ashley (the post man) will feature a lot in these blogs of mine. Remember the other day when he yelled out ‘What have you done to your head?”

Today, he ding donged my doorbell because he had a huge parcel for me. I thought it was one of my nurse neighbours and was about to just jump out of bed and answer the door in tank top, one boob hanging and one missing, and pyjama pants but thankfully, grabbed my good ol’ dressing gown and threw it on just in case.

Ashley is standing at my door, big smile and totally oblivious to have just woken me up. It HAS to be because there was no bed hair. My face must look the same weather I am wide awake or having just been woken. So Ashley being Ashley hands me my huge parcel and the rest of my mail (No Bills again yippeee) and says to me that I should go for a walk to his place (He points to a house on the hill) because the views are marvelous.

Yup, I’ll look into that at a later date thanks Ashley…

Anyhoo, what was in the parcel? Well, I think you can guess given the title of this blog but check it out!! This entire gorgeous blanket was made by my amazing Auntie Janet.


It’s huge, and colourful and bright and happy and amazing. Thank you thank you thank you to my amazing Auntie.

How can I not be happy and snuggly warm and loved with this amazing blanket.

Oh, and thank goodness I am not aloud to diet while going through this spa therapy bizzo because the blanket came with a bag of Haighs Chocolates!!