Newlyweds & Romance

This morning, as I enjoyed my lovely hot cup of coffee, I was indulged with a wonderful foot and leg massage with my favourite moisturiser by my amazing husband, Sam.

Ok, how it really happened.

Sam walked passed me as I was enjoying my lovely hot cup of coffee and gave my feet a little scratch because he knows how much it annoys me. He then looked at my feet and legs and pulled his hand away as though he was about to catch some dreadful disease.

Have you got Greyscale? He asked.

Don’t know what Greyscale is? Well, here is a picture of Greyscale. (Courtesy of Game of Thrones)


I then proceeded to explain why I use moisturiser as much as I do and seeing as though I can’t bend to my feet or legs thanks to the hip to hip incision made by my surgeon, I haven’t been able to get to this area.

Sam was genuinely shocked by the dryness of my feet and legs. He couldn’t stop looking at them and pulling faces.

He did then go and get the moisturiser to place on to my feet and legs but was still reluctant to touch them! He attempted to place the cream on with the end of a brush!

Oh Puleeze! Has this man never seen dry skin before! He then braved it all and used his hands to rub the cream into my feet and legs all the while talking about how disgusting my skin was. I then proceeded to tell him how he was making me feel like Patty and/or Selma from the Simpsons and he says, throw in a bit of JubJub and you are spot on!

Patty Bouvier jub-jub1

Oh the romance of newly weds huh?


Yep, I pooped.

I can’t say I am feeling overly great but obviously much better than I was. Yesterday I think I was ‘awake’ for two hours at the most and that was scattered time. Not in a two hour block.

The main feelings are fatigue and headaches which are easily dealt with so there isn’t much to complain about my way.

My pretty fluff on my head is still growing and unlike other people, I am NOT shaving it. It feels so nice and soft. I will take what I can get for the moment. I wash it very gently so I dont pull any out and pat dry it. I am now very precious about my fluff hehe.

That’s about it from me today. Am thinking, back to bed with some headache tablets. I am really happy I can still read with these headaches because I am currently reading the last book of Game of Thrones!


The New Drugs

Yesterday was the new chemo medication (the almost four hour visit) now has me on doseytaxol and herceptin.

Today, so far so good. Went to sleep just after 1am last night (lots of steroids for this treatment that keep me awake) and Sam let me sleep until 10am before waking with a breakfast of pancakes with real maple syrup, coffee, water and steroids, anti nausea tablets and panadol.

I did get up and about for about an hour but went back to bed until about 3pm. Dozed on and off etc but so far so good. I seem to have lost the headaches and most of the nausea. I think I was only nauseas this morning because being woken and asked to eat straight away isn’t my thing.

Thankfully, these chemo sessions wont last as long as this first time. They’ll get shorter and shorter.

Dr George has popped into my house to give my 24 hour after chemo injection (still loving this country service) and that’s about it.

Oh, the ring wasn’t in Kellys poop so I dont think I fed my diamond ring to the dogs.

Am feeling a bit dopey which makes TV, books and even blogging dull. Hopefully I’ll be back to laughing and giggling tomorrow. I am reading Game of Thrones Book 4 and O.M.G. I need my concentration back please because it is really really amazing right now.


I think you’ll find me here for the next few days.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention yesterday, my amazing cleaner once again left me a hair tie on my bedside table which again, had me in a fit of giggles 🙂

Feeling Good

Today is the day following spa treatment number 3 and usually I would have still been in bed since returning from the hospital but this time has been a lot easier. I was upbeat last night, enjoyed an amazing gluten free gourmet marinara pizza, played some computer games, went to bed and read quite a few chapters of Game of Thrones book 2 and slept for about three solid hours. Not too bad considering the past. I was a little restless after midnight and of course that makes the darling dogs restless so I was up and down a bit and more cat napped than anything until 9am.

Today, I have been up and awake all day. I can’t say I have done much but being up and awake is enough for me. My local doctor gave me a free house call to give me my day after injection. He doesn’t like me having to go to the clinic for that injection every three weeks because there is always such a long wait and obviously understands my immune system is low and doesn’t want me around sick people. So he now comes to my home, free of charge, jabs me with my needle and is off on his way.

Here is a photo of my day after chemo bruise


Not the prettiest site but they are really struggling with veins and aren’t keen on surgically implanting a port.

But here’s a couple of better photos of two of my lovely supporters…



Now, I’m feeling it is almost time for bed. I am hoping I can wake up feeling great to go to a wee party that I really want to go to tomorrow. Even if I can get to go for an hour I will be happy.