Yep, I pooped.

I can’t say I am feeling overly great but obviously much better than I was. Yesterday I think I was ‘awake’ for two hours at the most and that was scattered time. Not in a two hour block.

The main feelings are fatigue and headaches which are easily dealt with so there isn’t much to complain about my way.

My pretty fluff on my head is still growing and unlike other people, I am NOT shaving it. It feels so nice and soft. I will take what I can get for the moment. I wash it very gently so I dont pull any out and pat dry it. I am now very precious about my fluff hehe.

That’s about it from me today. Am thinking, back to bed with some headache tablets. I am really happy I can still read with these headaches because I am currently reading the last book of Game of Thrones!


What Summer Said….

Sorry for a double up of posts today but I had to tell you about my quick conversation with Summer today.

You remember my four year old friend Summer right? Well, she popped over today with a delivery of jumpers for me from her Nan and we had a bit of a chat, we played with Brady (big white dog) and it was almost time for her to go when she realised I wasn’t wearing Miss Fluff (fake boob).

She asks me where my boob is today? I explained I couldn’t be bothered with it and went without it.

Then she asks if she can have a quick look. I said, not today Summer and if you know Summer the way I do, she doesn’t take the NO very well so she had the hands on her hips, scowl on her face and said in a very matter of fact voice, Just a quick look please.

Show I gave her a quick and brief look.

‘You have a crack in you!’ was her comment.

My scar is now a crack.

Summer had quite the giggle about this and off she ran home.