My New Head

This is a photo of me on December 31 2015, as previously posted on ‘The Year That Was’


Here is my photo today, 18th of January 2016.

Photo on 18-01-2016 at 9.20 am

CHECK OUT MY HAIR AND EYEBROWS!! They came back woot woot.

Now, just waiting for my eyelashes to come through nice and long and luxurious (dreaming here but a girl can hope).

Bits of Information

  • The chickens all have names – Steffie Forrester, Caroline and Brooke
  • Brady has been depressed because of Steffie Forrester, Caroline and Brooke because I go into the coop without him and he is jealous
  • It has been 18 days since I have consumed alcohol
  • There are only six days until I will be enjoying a glass or two of bubbles with my girlfriends for our Annual Australia Day catch up which is being held on the 24th of January this year
  • I am still waking up around 6am each morning (not by choice, my eyes just open and body is ready to get moving)
  • I had to pluck my eyebrows two days ago because the little hairs are growing back
  • My cow lick came back with my hair! grrrr
  • I purchased Theracucumin as recommended to help ease the bone and joint pain associated with my new medication Tamoxifen and it is working!


Do I Look Interested?

You know how some people can raise an eyebrow when they are interested in something you are saying? Well, I have never had that skill but I soon will have that skill on a semi permanent time frame.

I am losing my eyebrow. Notice there is no S on the word eyebrow? That is because only 1 eyebrow is falling out. FFS. Can’t something just happen evenly?

My head still has a small shadow of prickly hair that hasn’t fallen out. And now I am going to look interested in everything someone is saying to me!

What if someone is talking about something boring like well, I dont know, say, retaining walls? Dr Hands and Nurse John (Neighbour) talked endlessly about retaining walls when we were both building and OMG it was always sooo boring and even with my boring look face on, they would still talk and talk and talk.

In any case, that is probably the most interesting thing that has happened this week. I have slept for the majority of the week because I am still suffering this ‘fake flu’ which is a feeling from chemo. I was hoping it would have been gone by now because my next spa treatment is Thursday 2nd of July.

My other feelings this week are as follows

* Skin Dryness – Major! Thank you to my sister for that huge tub of cream.

* Tiredness/Lethargy – Major

* Flu feelings

* Headaches – Minor

Today, random photo is a very young Brady (1 year old in this photo) as he turns the big 7 years old tomorrow.


And here is Brady in my new ‘spot’ with some of my favourite things being, my Janneeee (Auntie Janets Blanket), new bean bag paid for by Sam, my soon to be 7 year old gorgeous boy Brady, Owl slippers from my lovely Tamara, fluffy white beanie for  the cold days/nights on my nude nut from my mama and of course, the fox tell remote.


How poshy does Brady look here LOL. Here is another not so posh


oh ok, just one more 🙂


What you can’t see is the glass of bubbles I have next to me while I write this post. The great thing with the spa therapy nausea, nothing makes it better or worse so bubbles are easy to digest during these times. 🙂