Separate Beds Tonight

Dr Hands is sick. Like, really sick. Some gastric thing of sorts and no, he hasn’t gone to the doctors.

What he has done though is build a camp for himself ‘up the other end of the house’. Thank goodness we built a big house with two living rooms and four bedrooms because he will not come near me in fear of infecting me which could potentially create a visit to the hospital for me.

So tonight, I’ll have the bed to myself and I do not like that idea but the thought of a hospital trip due to illness is a worse idea so separate beds it is.

He did go above and beyond tonight though and cooked me dinner. He wouldn’t let me eat anything he had pre prepared over the last day or two in case the food was contaminated. I could smell something cooking so off I went to investigate and found Dr Hands in the kitchen with surgical gloves on and a surgical mask. I do not know where he comes up with these ideas (or surgeons mask mind you) but there he was, cooking my dinner and ensuring there was no contamination from him. He refused to let me take a photo but it was a pretty funny sight. And dinner was lovely, steak and veg.

One thing that has really been bugging me lately though is I totally need a creative side. My friend Gilda went above and beyond in the world of ‘squares’ and has knitted me a mountain of squares and a few large rectangles so I’m thinking, these might be better used to create a cuddle cushion. You know, like kids have teddy bears and adults have a cuddle cushion. All adults have a cuddle cushion right?

Anyway, that is my idea and I am thinking I will go forth and create it. Check it out. Gilda has always called me Bailes and has this on my rectangle 🙂


Today was slightly better with me being able to stay awake for about four hours straight. I do wonder though, come bed time, what will Brady do with Papa sleeping in the spare room and me in the main room? This will confuse and upset him. He is quite the OCD dog and likes his routine. I think he’ll choose me though.

Miss Fluff takes the night off


So, last night Dr Hands and I were invited to a lovely dinner party at the neighbours house and not only was I still hungover from the night before, I was also very tender in the bomb site from the boobectimy. The thought of putting Miss Fluff into the bra making me look like I had two boobs and having that on for the entire night, was not something I really wanted to deal with so I took a couple of panadol and took Miss Fluff out of my bra. Pheeeeeeeeyeeeeew! That felt amazing. I wore my special bra with the pockets but with nothing in the pockets! It meant that rightie wasn’t swinging around annoying me and getting my my way and my leftie wound didn’t have the pressure from Miss Fluff.

Dont get me wrong though, I adore Miss Fluff and she is as light as a feather really but every so often, my wound is sore and having the pressure from my bra which feels so much tighter with her in it just doesn’t work for me. So, I went out without Miss Fluff.

Once I had gotten ready for the night I asked Dr Hands if he could tell I wasn’t wearing Miss Fluff and he goes on about these people being our friends and they know what I have been through blah blah blah so I double checked myself in the mirror. I thought I’d dressed so well that you could barely even tell I was a one boober. I was so impressed that I asked Dr Hands to take a photo of me so I could show off to all of you how well I had done. So there you are, You can barely even tell!

As soon as we’d gotten to the dinner party, out I blurted, forgive my lack of Miss Fluff, was in too much pain for her tonight. So after all that work and effort to look like I had two beauties under my top, it was all for nothing because I am such a blabber mouth. Oh and get this, the ladies at the party (who Dr Hands refers to us as the Real Housewives of Meadows) claim to have NEVER had a boob hair. Whateva!