My Amazing Saturday

My amazing Saturday is thanks to so many people. I am imagining myself, right now, on a pedestal (this will not surprise anyone who knows me) giving the speak on a particular day of the week that was amazing.

Lets start with Saturday morning.

Well, I lay in bed until 11am due to a kick arse hangover thanks to Brady. He didn’t know when to tell me when to stop. So I drank and drank and drank and he said nothing. He just loved me like he always does.

Here is Brady for those of you that don’t know him.

IMG_0003I am posting this photo because he is not aloud on the sofa. He only does this when I am drinking and I find it so cute and adorable and instead of telling him to get off the sofa, I take photos of him instead ๐Ÿ™‚

So anyhoo, I finally got out of bed with said hangover, had a shower, listened to Sam talk AT me about being hungover and then I had a guest visitor by the name of Uncle Mark.

No, he is not my Uncle but is my daughters Uncle on her fathers side. Did you get that? Anyway, he has always been ‘Uncle Mark’ to me since Accalia (said daughter) was born which is 22 years now. He came to visit me ๐Ÿ™‚ He drove all the way from the other side of town, battled the city road works (he is not a patient driver) and headed up to the country and not only did he visit but he had a gift for me too.

Oh, this is Uncle Mark and my gorgeous daughter on her 18th Birthday.

IMG_0032 2

Anyhoo, like I was saying, he also bought me a present. It was wrapped in gorgeous green wrapping paper and was kind of the shape of a box. I totally thought he had bought me a puppy but this was not to be. The only thing better than a puppy is ……….BUBBLES!

And not just one bottle of Jacobs Creek Trilogy Sparkling Wine but 6 of the amazing bottles!! SIX BOTTLES!! My eye balls nearly popped out of my head! Thank you Uncle Mark not only for coming all this way to visit Sam and I but also for the bubbles, funny stories, laughs and chats. It was great to see you and can’t wait to see you and your team on Friday ๐Ÿ™‚ *special mention to Veronica **Aka Bez, Berry, Bezalicious** for confirming to Uncle Mark what it is that I drink gallons off xx

The Wedding!

Seriously, this was a beautiful and amazing wedding. They all are I know I know but this one was different for me.

This wedding I was going there as a bald, burnt and cancer recovering woman with pretty finger nails and amazing Fiancee. 1st stop was to book a love shack, I mean, hotel room, because this wedding was well over an hour away from where we live. Thankfully, cousin Linda and her hubby Reuben were on hand to collect us from the side of the road and take us to the wedding. Check out the Bride and Groom. Tell me she doesn’t look like Princess Mary!!?? OMG, totally gorgeous couple and totally cute baby Isabella-Rose!


I asked bride Tania to give me a royal wave and she did. The groom is my cousin Andrew Martin and obviously, their gorgeous baby is my 2nd cousin. I could just gobble her up. Look at her walking down the aisle.


I had received so many hugs and kisses from my amazing and supportive family that I had to remind myself that this day was NOT about me but about the gorgeous and newly married couple.

My poor suffering but loving Sam was there by my side. He not only was by my side but could tell when it was a bit too much and I needed air or a rest. He really is amazing. Sam isn’t the most social person, and would much prefer to be at home but suffers through my begging and pleading that I do every so often to join me in these events.


Here we are, two amazing people who have had a pretty trying year and two people who are going to be looking at their health and well being in the new year. hehe

You know how at weddings, there is the bridal dance, and then the father daughter dance and then everyone dances…. well, I am used to sitting these out but blow me down but did my man hold his hand out and offer the dance to me. I almost cried. I can’t do that though because it might mess up my eye make up LOL. That is a joke because I have no eye lashes or eyemake up. Anyhoo, cousin Linda took this photo which I absolutely love!


Ok, I might look like an Alien and I have never ever seen Sam smile in a photo (Thanks Linda for getting him at the right moment) (He was giving my cousin Linda the finger!) but I love it. He asked me to dance!

Speaking of my cousin Linda…. Well, it turns out that she stayed right until the end of the night just for me. I was having a hoot of a time, even though I got a little tired occasionally (from my amazing Beyonce dancing) and her husband (who is a truck driver and had only had 1/2 hour sleep before the wedding) was sleeping in the car, she let me have a good time. Both Linda and Sam were happy for me to enjoy my night and they didn’t end it soon as I am sure they had both wanted too.

Oh, check out this gorgeous photo of my mum and I. Thank you to Sam for taking it ๐Ÿ™‚


Here is my cousin Tamara (Sister of the groom) and I. Keep in mind it is the end of the night and my eyes and skin have turned a bit yellow/orange.


At the end of the night, Cousin Linda with sleepy husband Reuben drove Sam and I back to our hotel room and Granny hitched a lift. Now, I recon Granny is about 86 years old (possibly a year or two older) and after Sam had HOISTERED her into the four wheel drive, we set off. I happened to mention an incident that occurred when I was about 6 or so.

Keep in mind that our Granny has 13 Grandchildren and I dont know how many great grandchildren. Anyway, So I say, hey Gran, remember when you smacked me for My Sister cracking her head open?

Without a beat Granny says to me, Well I told you NOT to go out the gate but you did and you went to Mr Smalls house next door. Wowza, transported back to being a kid and I almost burst into bloody tears waiting for a smack. Granny was not a bit smacker but I got a smack for this and told to wait outside while my sister, Annette, was fixed up. That woman, Granny, is absolutely bloody amazing.

This is Granny. (thank you Ali for letting me take the photo you took of her, oh, Ali, do you mind if I use this pic?)


I think it is safe to say that I had an amazing time at the wedding. I had even sent a message to the bride and groom prior to the wedding day asking if it was ok for me to be bald at their wedding. They lovingly said they didn’t care if I was bald or hairy so that made me feel a whole lot better.

Thanks to chemo, I seem to have entered early menopause and this causes a lot of hot flushes and having anything on my head is more of an irritant than anything else. Anyway, I don’t need to look at myself while attending events so it works well. I just have to be ready when I see any photos that yes, that is me looking like the alien.

Thankfully I am comfortable being bald and find it more pleasurable and comfortable than anything else. My amazing friend Kathy Tilling has sent me her wig in case I need it and I have many scarfs for head coverings. I am incredibly fortunate but for the time being, bald is best ๐Ÿ™‚

This weekend has been incredible. I think it may take me a week to get over the dancing, drinking, laughter and happy tears but it will have all been worth it to see an amazing couple unite as one.

Thank you again Uncle Mark for your visit and very thoughtful gift.

Thank you to the ‘Royal Couple’ for having us attend such a beautiful and amazing event.

Thank you to mum for taking me out the day before for a bit of pampering.

Thank you to Linda and Roobs for the lifts to and from the event, to Linda for the laughs and chats (Sam said he is really not that quiet, he just couldn’t get a bloody word in between you and I hehe), Roobs for sleeping in the car to make sure I had a good time.

Most of all, thank you to my Sam (Dr Hands) for being there by my side, for taking some photos for me, looking out for me, piling me with bubbles, dancing with me and loving me.



The Week That Was…..

I felt amazing mid to late this week. That totally makes up for the absolute and amazing crap feeling I had after the ‘new’ chemo drugs a couple of weeks ago.

So, This week, I took myself out for a drive to Mt Barker (South Australia, Australia) and did a spot of shopping, took myself out for lunch, walked the streets and had a wonderful time.

Thursday I met up with a BFF Tracey, had a semi decent lunch (too much organic and not enough flavour) but a great catch up and walk around Mt Barker and again, felt amazing.

Until you ‘can’t get out and about’, you have no idea how great it is to actually, get out and about.

Uniden Digital Camera
Uniden Digital Camera

Friday, still feeling good even though I slept a lot of the day.

Today, (Saturday) I deliberately had a luxurious sleep in because nothing needed to be done and in all honesty, I was feeling a bit flat and off.

I then got a phone call from one of my many cousins, Christine, and in all honesty, I felt like I had caught up with her in person. It was wonderful to chat to her on the phone and hear about her boys, job and life. I think some people think you have to be face to face to be a part of someones life but when you are many kilometers away from one another, the phone call can feel like a face to face catch up. I think Christine was my first ever friend, we went to ballet together, she included me in ‘spin the bottle’ with her grown up friends and we have laughed. Laughedย  for many years….


Today (again) once I had showered and dressed, I popped over to one of the ‘Real Housewives of Meadows” Lisa and had a lovely chat but as I entered the house, there was Summer. Summer is my friend, my nemesis and everything in between.

She, Summer, looks at me as I walk in and says…

“Damanda, your eyes are all red”

I say, yeah I know Summer, they are just a bit irritated today. It is a chemo thing.”

Her reply…

“Well, look at my beautiful eyes”… She has mascara on and her eyes look amazing and I was like…

“ohย  yeah, nice Summer, your eyes look pretty’ and she shakes her head and says ‘Yeah, I know”

So, I then talk to one of the Real Housewives of Meadows’ about parties and weddings etc and Summer looks at me with ‘that look’ and I say ‘Sam and I are going to get married when I am feeling better ok?’

Summer says..

‘Yeah well, you need hair to have a wedding’

I said,

‘Can I wear a wig?’

Summer asked what a wig was and I explained it was like fake hair but looked really nice and nope, she is not keen on this idea, It has to be real hair.

Thanks Summer for keeping it real xx

Here is the highlight of my week being my cauliflower the size of my head


Feeling loved…… Fighting the fight for my team!

Remember my OD on Vitamin D on Monday leaving me bedridden yesterday (Tuesday) in bed all day with a Migraine? Well, today that Vitamin D kicked in and gave me bounce, happiness and get up and go!

When I got home from todays outing, I didn’t think my day could get any better. I started my day early, well, early for me. I was up and bright eyed at 8am! Went into work as I needed a JP and being a JP myself, I couldn’t JP myself so Bill, my main JP man, JP’d me and verified my documents for me.

I felt as though I had a ‘hero’s welcome’ going into work starting with the gorgeous Richard on concierge right up to level 5 and all of the wonderful, supportive and loving work peeps. I am totally excited to say there are square knitters there! There are a few special people knitting me squares which, as you know, excites me!

Then, off to Mr K (surgeon) who tells me my hair looks amazing, I look amazing and asked me to take my top off. I pay this man to look at me half naked! Anyhoo, whilst I look amazing (to him) I am in danger of the old ‘lymphodema’ which has worried me from the moment the lymph nodes were removed. I asked him why I was in the danger zone for this and he said, because you are fat. Hmmmm, dont bother sugar coating it Mr K, lets talk about my hair again. Then, he goes on to tell me that under no uncertain terms am I to go on a diet but I am to walk 30 minutes a day. Well, didn’t that get me talking about my gorgeous Brady boy who I love to walk. Mr K, unfortunately, was not interested in my dog story so we moved on.

Dropped in to see Gilly for a quick coffee, a pat and chat with her fur babies and then home to the man himself.

I was absolutely bouncing from a wonderful day, seeing people, talking to people, getting my gear off for Mr K… but, it got better.

There was an email/facebook p/m thingy waiting for me.

It was from my cousin Linda who’d cc’d all the other billions of wonderful cousins and my daughter I have, telling me they had a surprise for me. The email went on to say they had spoken to MY Sam and everything and my wonderful cousins who were in a position to help had joined forces to supply me with a house cleaner, once a fortnight for three months!

Bloody shit balls!

I am never lost for words but I sat reading that email over and over again. I simply could not believe these wonderful people. Yeah I know, their family and all but this goes above and beyond. I have always felt loved in my huge and funny family. I am pretty sure we all do feel loved in this family. When Gran needed a new TV, we all pitched in and arranged it. We have had a couple of cousin dinners at different pubs which have been fun. But never would I have expected such a generous and thoughtful offer.

For those who dont know, Sam and I had a beautiful home built for us which we moved into in December 2014. Naturally, life rocked. Sam proposed, we had a gorgeous house in a beautiful little country town, we both had good jobs, great fur babies,ย  etc. For the two of us, we did build a big home which would work for resale if we ever need to sell.

Sams Choice of Cleaner

Sams cleaner

We are proud of our home but when you are sick, the last thing you can or even want to do, is clean. Only being able to use one side of my body makes it tough and tiring too. Sam is working full time, tending to the house cleaning, finances, garden etc.

To know that someone will come in and breathe in the chemicals that irritate my sensitive senses in itself makes me happy. To know that the bathrooms will be clean, the floors paw print free for five minutes, almost brings tears to my eyes.

My Cleaner of Choice


I know times are tough for so many people financially right now but I love that even though not everyone can help financially, I have people knitting, sewing and even drawing ‘squares’ for me. I have people sending me well wishes, emails, reading my blog, sending me funny photos and supporting my breast cancer fight!

I have always been told that you get what you deserve. I have had a few crappy times in my life but I know I have done right somewhere along the line because I have love coming from all directions.

The only way I can thank everyone for the squares, the cleaner, the love and support is to beat this. I will beat this and not just for me but for my team.

Wow, feeling a wee bit emotional tonight.

Miss Fluff goes beyond the call of duty.

Oh hi there, Sorry about yesterday, I had another down day and didn’t have much I wanted to talk about so I didn’t. But I’m back now.

Let me start by saying that I finished that book I was reading called ‘The Girl On The Train’ and I really really enjoyed it. I am now reading George Orwells 1984 and boy, it is hard going. The train book was an easy and quick read but 1984 is proving to need my full attention and I can not be Endone affected during the read.

Miss Fluff and I have had a few adventures lately and she is doing great. My pain is subsiding now and the berlei bra is a lot more comfortable now, oh, and the swelling has gone down heaps! Don’t forget that I am also drippy free too. Life really is lovely right now.

Yesterday, I had a bit of an upset stomach and my Granny always said lemonade and plain potato chips was the perfect due to cure this. Was it any wonder a few of us grand kids always got tummy aches at Grannys?? But let me tell you, that was a much better remedy that mums damp face washer remedy that she always gave me! So I grabbed both the lemonade and plain potato chips and was gobbling down these chips when one missed my mouth and guess what… MISS FLUFF CAUGHT IT! OMG, it was like the original leftie was still there. She always caught food that fell from my mouth and held it there until I picked it up and popped it in my mouth. It was that moment that I truly fell in love with Miss Fluff. She acted like the shelf I need during these times and did it perfectly.

Today Sam and I went for our flu shots (+ a whooping cough one for Sam) in preparation for my 6 months of chemo which starts in a few weeks. We figure it is best to try and be as organised and prepared as possible to try and avoid illness while my immune system is low.

We have also decided to follow my friend Tracey’s advise on loading my body full of good vitamin and mineral foods and such. It wont be too much different to our usual diet but we are excluding as many ‘fake foods’ as possible such as pre packaged sauce mixes, tinned foods and processed foods. Being the coeliac that I am, I don’t eat too many processed foods and vary rarely do I eat take out so it will not be too hard.

I will be getting my blood work done next week to check all of my vitamin levels to see where I am at and what I need.

OH I totally forgot to tell you about my Granny. She is hilarious. I rang her for her birthday on the 26th of April and she was so surprised to hear from me (I’m not sure why that is but it was lovely to hear her surprise all the same) and we chatted about her birthday (don’t tell anyone but can you believe she is 88?) and then I asked her if she would mind knitting me a square so I could have it for my chemo trips. I was thinking that with my cousins’ lovely healing crystals they had sent me from Byron Bay and a square of knitting from my Granny, I would be all set with my healing things. So Granny says, what do you mean you want a square? How big do you want the square? What is it for? She has a lot of questions this Granny of mine and I say that I just want a Granny knitted square to take with me to chemo as a good luck thing. She then goes on about ‘Whats a square going to do? How big again do you want it? I then tell her how my cousins Kelly and Sherri had sent me three gorgeous healing crystals that I had taken into hospital with me and Granny was all gushy saying how wonderfully thoughtful that was and then still questions me about this square of knitting I want. So I just say, Granny, please just knit me a square ok and we both laugh and move on ๐Ÿ™‚ Geez I love that woman.

Happy Saturday Night – I wish I had a glass of bubbles ๐Ÿ˜ฆ