My Cleaners Sense of Humour

What is wrong with this photo? I took it not long after my cleaner, Shanna, had left. I laughed so much but bloody Dr Hands wasn’t even here to see the funniness of it.

Do you recon she did it deliberately? She does have a very wicked and odd sense of humour, which, beside her cleaning, is what I love about her.


If you can’t see what is on my bedside table here we have a book, my reading glasses, eye mask, water, panadol and, well, um a Hair Tie.

Here is my current hair style in case you have forgotten


OOOhhhh she is a funny one isn’t she…… LMAO!!!

Oh, and another thing, she had the audacity to tell me off for putting my ‘arsehole cream’ with her business name ‘done and dusted’ together in a post on facebook (she calls it dogbook but I dont understand that so we’ll call it facebook). I was talking about chemo number 4 being done and dusted (her business name) and the fact I had to buy Anusol for Hemorrhoids and they went together in one sentence. hehe. She got me back well and truly with that hair tie 🙂

She might look all nice and friendly in her ‘cartoon’ image’ on her business card but let me tell you, not only does she have a weird and twisted sense of humour, she will growl at you if you walk on her freshly washed floors. Doesn’t matter it is YOUR home, stay off the floors for ten minutes please!! Bloody love this woman and I can never thank my cousins enough for having her visit us each fortnight to give us one less thing to do.

Scan 2015-7-30 0006

Update on Dr Hands is we are separated again tonight. He went to the doctor and the doctor said, Four days apart, due to my very vulnerable state post chemo. So, another night in bed alone while he sleeps in the spare room. I do not like this. I do not like this one bit.

I might act all tough and what not but I like my man, with his warmness, cuddles, terrible dream language and what not  IN OUR BED end of story.

Feeling loved…… Fighting the fight for my team!

Remember my OD on Vitamin D on Monday leaving me bedridden yesterday (Tuesday) in bed all day with a Migraine? Well, today that Vitamin D kicked in and gave me bounce, happiness and get up and go!

When I got home from todays outing, I didn’t think my day could get any better. I started my day early, well, early for me. I was up and bright eyed at 8am! Went into work as I needed a JP and being a JP myself, I couldn’t JP myself so Bill, my main JP man, JP’d me and verified my documents for me.

I felt as though I had a ‘hero’s welcome’ going into work starting with the gorgeous Richard on concierge right up to level 5 and all of the wonderful, supportive and loving work peeps. I am totally excited to say there are square knitters there! There are a few special people knitting me squares which, as you know, excites me!

Then, off to Mr K (surgeon) who tells me my hair looks amazing, I look amazing and asked me to take my top off. I pay this man to look at me half naked! Anyhoo, whilst I look amazing (to him) I am in danger of the old ‘lymphodema’ which has worried me from the moment the lymph nodes were removed. I asked him why I was in the danger zone for this and he said, because you are fat. Hmmmm, dont bother sugar coating it Mr K, lets talk about my hair again. Then, he goes on to tell me that under no uncertain terms am I to go on a diet but I am to walk 30 minutes a day. Well, didn’t that get me talking about my gorgeous Brady boy who I love to walk. Mr K, unfortunately, was not interested in my dog story so we moved on.

Dropped in to see Gilly for a quick coffee, a pat and chat with her fur babies and then home to the man himself.

I was absolutely bouncing from a wonderful day, seeing people, talking to people, getting my gear off for Mr K… but, it got better.

There was an email/facebook p/m thingy waiting for me.

It was from my cousin Linda who’d cc’d all the other billions of wonderful cousins and my daughter I have, telling me they had a surprise for me. The email went on to say they had spoken to MY Sam and everything and my wonderful cousins who were in a position to help had joined forces to supply me with a house cleaner, once a fortnight for three months!

Bloody shit balls!

I am never lost for words but I sat reading that email over and over again. I simply could not believe these wonderful people. Yeah I know, their family and all but this goes above and beyond. I have always felt loved in my huge and funny family. I am pretty sure we all do feel loved in this family. When Gran needed a new TV, we all pitched in and arranged it. We have had a couple of cousin dinners at different pubs which have been fun. But never would I have expected such a generous and thoughtful offer.

For those who dont know, Sam and I had a beautiful home built for us which we moved into in December 2014. Naturally, life rocked. Sam proposed, we had a gorgeous house in a beautiful little country town, we both had good jobs, great fur babies,  etc. For the two of us, we did build a big home which would work for resale if we ever need to sell.

Sams Choice of Cleaner

Sams cleaner

We are proud of our home but when you are sick, the last thing you can or even want to do, is clean. Only being able to use one side of my body makes it tough and tiring too. Sam is working full time, tending to the house cleaning, finances, garden etc.

To know that someone will come in and breathe in the chemicals that irritate my sensitive senses in itself makes me happy. To know that the bathrooms will be clean, the floors paw print free for five minutes, almost brings tears to my eyes.

My Cleaner of Choice


I know times are tough for so many people financially right now but I love that even though not everyone can help financially, I have people knitting, sewing and even drawing ‘squares’ for me. I have people sending me well wishes, emails, reading my blog, sending me funny photos and supporting my breast cancer fight!

I have always been told that you get what you deserve. I have had a few crappy times in my life but I know I have done right somewhere along the line because I have love coming from all directions.

The only way I can thank everyone for the squares, the cleaner, the love and support is to beat this. I will beat this and not just for me but for my team.

Wow, feeling a wee bit emotional tonight.