Feeling Good

Today is the day following spa treatment number 3 and usually I would have still been in bed since returning from the hospital but this time has been a lot easier. I was upbeat last night, enjoyed an amazing gluten free gourmet marinara pizza, played some computer games, went to bed and read quite a few chapters of Game of Thrones book 2 and slept for about three solid hours. Not too bad considering the past. I was a little restless after midnight and of course that makes the darling dogs restless so I was up and down a bit and more cat napped than anything until 9am.

Today, I have been up and awake all day. I can’t say I have done much but being up and awake is enough for me. My local doctor gave me a free house call to give me my day after injection. He doesn’t like me having to go to the clinic for that injection every three weeks because there is always such a long wait and obviously understands my immune system is low and doesn’t want me around sick people. So he now comes to my home, free of charge, jabs me with my needle and is off on his way.

Here is a photo of my day after chemo bruise


Not the prettiest site but they are really struggling with veins and aren’t keen on surgically implanting a port.

But here’s a couple of better photos of two of my lovely supporters…



Now, I’m feeling it is almost time for bed. I am hoping I can wake up feeling great to go to a wee party that I really want to go to tomorrow. Even if I can get to go for an hour I will be happy.