4th Chemo Done and Dusted

You heard it here. This lot of chemo is finished. What that means is, I get a new lot of chemo in three weeks which apparently will be a lot easier to deal with but will continue to be fatigued and may have body pain. Please dont be cross at me Rebecca of the Small C but, I forgot to ask but I am almost certain it is the Taxol but I will do my best to ask in three weeks. The nausea will be ‘apparently’ non existent and my oncologist says, hair loss will remain where as my oncologist nurse says it may grow back. I will let you know who wins that discussion. I do have some lovely peach fuzz in some areas on my head which feel nice but it looks really light! Maybe I’ll go back to being the white blonde I was as a little kid….

Now, about my special friend I had the hat for. I was saddened to hear that she had already been and gone for the day so I asked one of the nurses to put the ladies name on her hat and make sure she gets it next time she is in. It was really tough trying to explain who the lady was because I didn’t even know her name but my description was spot on 🙂

Before I know it, the reception lady (who is just lovely) pops into my room and went on and on about how lovely a thing we’d (Dr Hands and I) had done and did I want my name to be put on the message and I said it didn’t really matter. It was just a gift for that lady.

Next thing, my phone is ringing and it’s her! My special friend rang me because the receptionist rang her to tell her about the hat. My friend asked the receptionist for my phone number and it was given to her (no privacy act going on here LOL.) My friend was so happy and excited even though I could hear her tiredness from her earlier treatment. The nurses and receptionist were so happy because it turns out that my special friend who is wonderful and is so smiley and happy, has a bit of an arsehole of a boyfriend/husband. They have met him and are not big fans of his but they are of her.

So, I am very happy to have done my small bit of paying it forward, even if it was just a small thing, it was important to me to make someone as happy as all of my friends and family are making me.

Now, for the big step I took today….. I bought this 😦