Look Who Came To Visit!!


These two wonderful ‘peeps’ are my gorgeous daughter Accalia-Jayne and her dog Buster. OMG OMG OMG how gorgeous are they both? Seriously, my daughter has always been gorgeous but her dog which she and her Grandma Lorraine share, Buster, is just amazing.

I am a dog person, that is no secret but rarely do I actually fall in love with someone elses dog until today. Buster is just beautiful. He is only about 10 months old, huge but so well behaved.


It absolutely made my day to see my gorgeous daughter (and puppy) because this week is chemo week. I am ready to go with the second to last chemo but boy, did Buster make my week a whole lot better. AND my lovely daughter bought me some gorgeous flowers…


My house is now full of flowers because gorgeous neighbour Clare, who I invited over to meet Buster, also bought me some flowers from her ‘iron lady’

IMG_0010 IMG_0009

And just in case you get some Buster blues… here are some more piccies of that gorgeous guy….

IMG_0008 IMG_0005

And then he said……

Before I start, Sam picked up my endone and life is good again ….. weeeeeeee

I had a conversation with a local business owner yesterday that I was just going to let go but, I can’t. I have to tell someone what type of people are out there and the conversations they feel are fine to have with a person going through their cancer fight.

I popped into a local business who, unfortunately, didn’t have the product I was looking for and the owner asked if there was something else he could offer instead. I explained that no, it was just that one thing I wanted but due to my recent medical treatment, I had left everything to the last minute.

It was pretty obvious what treatment I was having because I was standing in his store with my bald head and sickly looking skin etc and his response was this….

“I don’t know if it is just this town or that people talk more but it seems like EVERYONE is going through cancer.  (this was said in a very casual manner) He then went on to advise how cancer was ‘rampant’ through his family with a bad success rate.”

Um, yep, that is what every cancer patient wants to hear but then he asks if I am winning the fight. I advised that I believed I was.

He was probably trying to be nice and ‘country like’ and friendly because then he says, I love that you feel comfortable getting out and about without hats and scarfs. Good for you.

I did feel a bit chuffed then and went on to explain that I do pop a hat on when it is super cold and I kid you not, this was his reply…

“Oh Man, you have NO IDEA, how cold your head can get when you start balding”

I am standing in his store with barely an eyebrow worth of hair to my name while he stands there, head full of hair except for a little bit at the front that is thinning.

My reply was Yes, as a matter of fact I DO have an idea. I then left the store.

What a dickhead. But, it did amuse me for the rest of the day.

The New Drugs

Yesterday was the new chemo medication (the almost four hour visit) now has me on doseytaxol and herceptin.

Today, so far so good. Went to sleep just after 1am last night (lots of steroids for this treatment that keep me awake) and Sam let me sleep until 10am before waking with a breakfast of pancakes with real maple syrup, coffee, water and steroids, anti nausea tablets and panadol.

I did get up and about for about an hour but went back to bed until about 3pm. Dozed on and off etc but so far so good. I seem to have lost the headaches and most of the nausea. I think I was only nauseas this morning because being woken and asked to eat straight away isn’t my thing.

Thankfully, these chemo sessions wont last as long as this first time. They’ll get shorter and shorter.

Dr George has popped into my house to give my 24 hour after chemo injection (still loving this country service) and that’s about it.

Oh, the ring wasn’t in Kellys poop so I dont think I fed my diamond ring to the dogs.

Am feeling a bit dopey which makes TV, books and even blogging dull. Hopefully I’ll be back to laughing and giggling tomorrow. I am reading Game of Thrones Book 4 and O.M.G. I need my concentration back please because it is really really amazing right now.


I think you’ll find me here for the next few days.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention yesterday, my amazing cleaner once again left me a hair tie on my bedside table which again, had me in a fit of giggles 🙂

Hemorrhoids and Surprises

You are so so lucky that lunch today turned out a hell of  a lot differently than I had anticipated because, this post was going to be a whole lot different. After what I thought was going to be a lovely lunch with my mum, daughter and her girlfriend I was going to come home and talk to you about hemorrhoids. BUT, the day took a turn that I was not expecting.

Accalia (daughter) had wanted to catch up for a belated birthday family lunch and me being me, and her being her, I did not find it overly strange for this request even though her birthday was in April and even though I didn’t see her on her actual birthday because she was in Perth, I have seen her since her birthday. My daughter and I can often do things a little differently and thats ok.

Anyhoo, mum was joining us so she picked me up because apparently I can’t be trusted to drive to and from a place because I can get very tired very quickly and Sam doesn’t trust me. Met Accalia at the wonderful Miss Perez and I felt a little bad that Sam didn’t join us because he, well, he is Sam and Accalias partner couldn’t make it because of work and we were sitting at a kinda big table for just the three of us.

Then there appeared two child seats to our table and I am trying to work out who on earth is joining us because I dont know many little people and suddenly my fantastic friend Nicole and her gorgeous little man Jordan arrived! Nicole is minutes away from giving birth to surprise baby number 3 and looks amazing! Then, following behind was Mia with her three gorgeous kids and I will tell you their correct names being Roarke, Juno and Olive!


It turns out that these people have been doing a wee fundraiser for the bald girl herself (thats me!). I was so surprised and humbled. I couldn’t believe it and then to hear the people involved in the background was just beautiful! I was so surprised by it all I almost lost an eyebrow (well, what’s left of them anyway).

To know that people have been buying delish chocolates that to raise money for me to splurge on myself, to do what ever it is I want just for me, was incredible.

Inside the bag was a card from Nicole and her boys (thanks for the wonderful drawing of me in bed with flowers and butterflies from Jordan), A lovely note from Mia explaining what all this money is for, photocopies of the journey they took to collect this money and get this, the money is mostly coins! I LOVE THAT! They didn’t have time to get to a bank to get it changed into notes. There is over $420 in this jar. And this is what that looks like..

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

I am still so shocked and amazed by the effort and work these wonderful people have gone through. To hear of the people who worked on this project was amazing, people I rarely or never see, people I do see but kept it all very quiet.

To those who read this you can be thankful not only that I have amazing people in my life but the fact you didn’t have to read about my new subject Hemorrhoids…….

And just when I think the day couldn’t get any better, I get a message from my good friends daughter Millie telling me they’ve left something in my letter box for me and OMG, it is from her sister Talia. She has bought me a gorgeous, woolly and the cutest beanie EVER! Can you guess where she got it from?

Photo on 11-07-2015 at 5.02 pm

In case you can’t read backwards, it says New Zealand and I love it.

Today has been absolutely amazing and I thank each and everyone of you who have been a part of all of this and please know it means so very much to me.

I can’t wait to let you know who I intend to spoil myself…….. OMG all this money just for me???!!! Thank you everyone xx

Day two post chemo #3

Well, woke up pretty crappy and even the two lovingly cooked, fresh out of the pan pancakes didn’t impress me but as Dr Hands had let me sleep until 10am, the least I could do was eat these pancakes, take my tablets and drink my water.

The day went ok from there but boy I felt flat and worn out. I walked outside to see what the day was bringing to me as Dr Hands had now gone grocery shopping and ended up chatting with Nurse John next door and it was fabulous. Sitting out in the fresh, cool air but with a bit of sunshine was just what I needed. The chat was great too. He is from England but I forgive him for that because he is pretty cool.

Later that morning, I was putting some garbage into the bin and Summer came over yelling out Amanda (when had my name changed from Damanda to Amanda I wonder), she ran down my drive way to give me a huge hug and asked me to watch her carefully walk up the big dirt mound over the road.

These all seem like everyday simple things but these are the things we take for granted. This morning when I was forcing down my pancakes with lemon and sugar, I couldn’t imagine talking or seeing anyone but these two conversations, really made my day.

When we are full of health, a chat with the neighbours is just a chat with neighbours. When we aren’t so full of health, feeling quite poorly and nauseas, neighbours knowing what you are going through, take the time for a cuddle and a chat and leave me feeling alive again.

Dont get me wrong, I have so many amazing things going on in my life with this cancer bizzo but it is the normality of things that really gets me smiling on the shitty days.

Tomorrow is Dr Hands and My 7th Year anniversary but we celebrated tonight knowing that tomorrow might not be so good. He says every year, how about we do no gifts this year?? And every year I say ok and he goes and gets me gorgeous gifts. This year I bought him a new wallet because his has no skin left on it. It looked bloody awful everytime he took it out of his pocket so I bought him on of those safety ones that can’t scan his cards whilst inside the wallet.

He, the man who every year says no gifts and always buys me a gift bought me half a kilo of king crab claws **insert orgasm sounds and homer drawls** and a pair of beautiful white gold diamond earrings. Yeah right, no gifts huh Dr Hands.

I am seriously the luckiest, most fortunate woman on the planet I am sure. I have a Sam aka Dr Hands, amazing daughter and family and friends and now new friends via blog and cancer and facebook. And let us not forget the amazing squares that Postie Ashley keeps delivering from my amazing old and new and unknown friends.

Life is pretty darn good even during the tough times.

Me and my beautiful new earrings and yep, that would be a glass of bubbles to celebrate, hence the red cheeks and chest hehe. Might be dipping into that value pack from the chemist tonight woot woot hehe

Photo on 4-07-2015 at 6.23 pm #2

Feeling Good

Today is the day following spa treatment number 3 and usually I would have still been in bed since returning from the hospital but this time has been a lot easier. I was upbeat last night, enjoyed an amazing gluten free gourmet marinara pizza, played some computer games, went to bed and read quite a few chapters of Game of Thrones book 2 and slept for about three solid hours. Not too bad considering the past. I was a little restless after midnight and of course that makes the darling dogs restless so I was up and down a bit and more cat napped than anything until 9am.

Today, I have been up and awake all day. I can’t say I have done much but being up and awake is enough for me. My local doctor gave me a free house call to give me my day after injection. He doesn’t like me having to go to the clinic for that injection every three weeks because there is always such a long wait and obviously understands my immune system is low and doesn’t want me around sick people. So he now comes to my home, free of charge, jabs me with my needle and is off on his way.

Here is a photo of my day after chemo bruise


Not the prettiest site but they are really struggling with veins and aren’t keen on surgically implanting a port.

But here’s a couple of better photos of two of my lovely supporters…



Now, I’m feeling it is almost time for bed. I am hoping I can wake up feeling great to go to a wee party that I really want to go to tomorrow. Even if I can get to go for an hour I will be happy.

The Tree

Did you notice the new ‘profile’, ‘site pic’ Tree?

This is what I call the ‘MAGIC TREE’ and I took this photo quickly with my mobile phone.

This tree is where I super duper want to be married at. Married to Dr Hands aka Sam. We have spoke to the owner of the land where this tree lives in Kuitpo Forrest in the Adelaide Hills and she is more than happy to let us marry there.

The tree is dead I know. But how magnificent is it? Here are the trees surrounding it. This might give you some perspective on the difference on the view. There are certain times of the day when the entire forest looks dark and gloomy but there will be a gleam of sunshine, a huge ray of light, shining on MY magic tree…


See, the tree’s that surround my special magic tree are totally different. That is what makes it all so much more special.

Brady and I have been out there a few times. He loves it because there are a lot of sticks to chose from and provide for throwing. The tree is where I want to make my vows to Sam and become his wife. To take his name forever.

So, when you see that tree pop up on your email, facebook or blog feed, you’ll now know, that is what I call my magic tree.

My quick pic photo with my phone captured it perfectly.


PS: There has been no photo editing on this tree because it is absolutely perfect, just the way it is…..

1am Party at My Place/Horse Hair Towel

I have a cold. Not a pretend one like last time but a full blown, snotty nosed, aching head cold. I went to bed Sunday night feeling as good as a person can having had a spa treatment (chemo) on Thursday (which is shit in case you are not aware) and half woke on Monday morning feeling like I’d been donged on the head with a rubber mallet.

The main thing someone going through spa therapy must do is keep an eye on their temperature. If it goes above 38 degrees, straight to the hospital so, last night at 1am, I was feeling mighty warm (which I shouldn’t be because it is very cold in the Adelaide Hills at night),  I grabbed the thermometer I had cleverly put next to the bed in preparation for a middle of the night temperature taking, flipped open my mobile so I had a bit of light and took my temperature. I was 35.6 which was weird because I felt really hot but my thermometer said otherwise, but wouldn’t you know it, those few little movements woke Brady up.

He pads over to me licking his chops which tells me he wants to just nick outside to grab a drink and possibly do a wee. I did ask him if he was absolutely sure (sometimes he goes back to bed without needing these things) and yep, he was sure. Up I get, very quietly so as to not wake Dr Hands, tip toe down the hallway, past Kelly who is snoring like a beast and let Brady out. I decide I may as well ‘go’ as well while I am up. I am doing all of this in the dark so I don’t wake the two sleepers but as soon as I flush the toilet, Kelly is up.

As I stand at the back door, Kelly heads on outside to do her business and just as she is about to walk back inside, takes a detour to the water bowl and has a little drink. Then she decides to have some nibbles on her dog biscuits when I turn into quiet, whispering with angry voice, psycho woman and tell her to get her ass inside, explain it is 1am and everyone should be asleep, not nibbling on biscuits and wanting to wee. Yes, there were a few swear words included in this speech to Kelly but she was now in a foul mood too and didn’t have anything to say to me. She did plod really loudly (that could have been my imagination) to the fireplace and sat in front of it glaring at me. The fire had gone out. AS IF I was going to light the bloody fire at 1am because Kelly was awake now!!??

So, I stormed off away from Kelly with Brady at my heels (they sleep at opposite ends of the house), shut the hallway door as quietly as possible when all I wanted to do was slam it, walk the walk back to bed and realise, my head really really hurts and I needed some headache tablets so off I go again, up the hallway, past grumpy Kelly etc…..


Just quickly, I wont take up too much more of your time but, I have now realised I need a fresh, clean towel each and every time I shower.


Well, I showered this morning (yes, that was quite a feat let me tell you after last nights shenanigans) and felt absolutely amazing having just washed away an entire day of bed ridden cold infected feelings, and I moisturised myself all over remembering to leave my head til last (not to spread those spikey little hairs all over my body that are still coming out of my head.

I grabbed my towel and OMG, WTF? OUCH, EEK, GET THEM OFF ME!! The towel was full of my tiny little prickle head hairs from my last shower which were now all over my body and disgusting!! I was itchy as anything, spikey all over and was wriggling about my ensuite like a prickly yet slimy worm (yep, that word there is for you Uncle Mark). Not only was I covered in moisturiser, now the little prickle hairs had stuck themselves to said moisturiser and the more I rubbed with the towel (yes, I am not overly bright), the more prickles I got.

The 2nd shower was not as lovely and refreshing as the first because all I could think about was the waste of water. We, in our lovely little town, do not have mains water like the flatlanders but rely on our rain water tanks to shower us and such. Two showers in one day is not wise but I will take into account, we have had a decent amount of rain so I haven’t emptied those tanks yet.

Lets hope today improves somewhat…..

A Blanket made with Love

One of the greatest things about having no hair is you don’t wake up with bed hair.

It looks like my, now good friend, Ashley (the post man) will feature a lot in these blogs of mine. Remember the other day when he yelled out ‘What have you done to your head?”

Today, he ding donged my doorbell because he had a huge parcel for me. I thought it was one of my nurse neighbours and was about to just jump out of bed and answer the door in tank top, one boob hanging and one missing, and pyjama pants but thankfully, grabbed my good ol’ dressing gown and threw it on just in case.

Ashley is standing at my door, big smile and totally oblivious to have just woken me up. It HAS to be because there was no bed hair. My face must look the same weather I am wide awake or having just been woken. So Ashley being Ashley hands me my huge parcel and the rest of my mail (No Bills again yippeee) and says to me that I should go for a walk to his place (He points to a house on the hill) because the views are marvelous.

Yup, I’ll look into that at a later date thanks Ashley…

Anyhoo, what was in the parcel? Well, I think you can guess given the title of this blog but check it out!! This entire gorgeous blanket was made by my amazing Auntie Janet.


It’s huge, and colourful and bright and happy and amazing. Thank you thank you thank you to my amazing Auntie.

How can I not be happy and snuggly warm and loved with this amazing blanket.

Oh, and thank goodness I am not aloud to diet while going through this spa therapy bizzo because the blanket came with a bag of Haighs Chocolates!!