A great laugh at the 8th and final chemo session

So remember this morning when I told you I had accidentally taken 5 dexi (steroid tablets) instead of 2 dexis and 3 valium?

Well, I had to tell my little Indian oncologist about my wee accident but when I told him, all of the oncology nurses were standing around my cubicle including the pharmacist. Well, let me tell you I got a lot of laughs and giggles and cackles from my nurses and the pharmasist but not from my oncologist. He even pulled his glasses down his nose and looked over them at me.

I had to promise him it wasn’t deliberate because it ended up being a horrible night and I hated the dexis anyway but I needed three more because I was now three short.

Thankfully the pharmacist thought my story was hilarious and bought me up three more dexi tablets in a different shaped bottle so I will not mistake them again. Not that I care because it was my last chemo session but I do need these tablets to stop the nausea etc.

And another thing, this mornings post was a bit down in the dumps and unenthusiastic but let me tell you, all of the wonderful text messages, emails, facebook messages etc really picked me up. It made me feel so darn supported, loved and kinda proud of myself. I want to thank everyone, those I know, those I dont know and those I want to know, you have helped make this achievable and I didn’t do it alone, I did it with a damn lot of support.

We did it. We have beaten cancer (in my opinion) as a team.

Yes, I have more steps to go but the shittiest and hardest one is done, and that was chemo.

I know I can get through everything else now because if I can get through chemo, anything is possible.

For those just joining my unscheduled journey… next steps are this

Herceptin (I am HER2 Positive, google it) is an intravenus drug that I will need for another eight or so months but can be done before or after work because it has no mind altering effects.

Radiation Therapy x 33 starts in about 4 or 5 weeks where they will burn the area’s most likely to have the cancer spread to being back in the breast that has been removed, shoulder and collar bone. Apparently this is barable.

Lastly, mastectomy of my healthy breast and double reconstruction (in short, two amazing boobs on my way thanks), and a hysterectomy. The second mastectomy and the hysterectomy are for precautionary reasons. As I am the first in the family that we know off to get breast cancer, I want to take all precautions to ensure it doesn’t spread and make sure I dont have to ever go through this again.

Thank you Sam for being there for every chemo session. For the laughs, the singing in the car, driving me here there and everywhere but I will discuss Sam aka Dr Hands a little later because you have absolutely no idea what he has given up to make sure I was A OK.

My two boy loves xxx


Long Weekend Laughs and Fun!

Firstly and Most Importantly – Happy Happy Birthday JD – To my wonderful and amazing and oh so handsome nephew Jordan. It was nine years ago today that I walked into my little baby sisters hospital room and burst into tears with so much pride and adoration for what she had popped out of her. He was and is amazing.

Here is a photo of Jordan and I (few years ago)

Uniden Digital Camera
JD and Me πŸ™‚
Uniden Digital Camera
Baby Brady and JD

Jordan and his mum in below photo (look who sneaked into the back ground ahahahahah)


Here he is with big sister Tarin


So, a super duper amazing happy 9th Birthday to that gorgeous little boy.


Friday 2nd of October, 2015

Dr Hands has an RDO (rostered day off for those who dont know what that is) and it was an amazing and beautiful day so he and I decided it was a perfect day to have a few drinkies together out with our darling dogs, under our new patio. And drink we did. I had had a particularly bad week spending the majority of it in bed feeling poorly, headachey, boneachey etc. Typical chemo feelings so it was sensational to feel good.

My neighbours, later in the evening (and me having had a few bottles of bubbles) received some bad news and needed the internet as theirs had crashed. So, Dr Hands was by now in bed and I was sailing the rough seas trying to make it to the front door, tooing and froing but I made it. The only thing I know to do when there is a drama is offer alcohol so yet, opened another bottle while we left John to do the work that needed to be done on the computer and Clare and I to drink some lovely Rosemont O Moscato on ice at midnight with Beaches on the TV in the background. I would like to take note to not drink that much in case neighbours need me in future but I think they’d be more surprised to visit me very late on a Friday night sober so I should just maintain my manner as is.


Saturday 3rd of October, 2015

I wake feeling great! I have a gift for avoiding many hangovers. Up I get and mum makes her weekly visit and I am feeling that good that I suggest we go out to the local cafe for lunch. Mum was very surprised by this because it has been months since I have felt well enough to leave the house for an actual outting that wasn’t grocery shopping.

What really sucked though was the chemo tears and runny nose dont take a break so they came with me. It looked like I cried through out most of lunch and then of course, diarrhea comes along. Thank goodness there were no other patrons and it was a huge and comfy toilet.

Here is a not so recent piccie of my mama and I. She is absolutely gorgeous. Man, how fat do I look in this photo? Don’t comment, it’s ok. At least I have hair

IMG_0009 14


Saturday Night 3rd October, 2015

I am not sure what I did between lunch with mum and when the neighbours came over so it couldn’t have been too interesting but that sure did change in a hurry.

So, Clare and John (next door, night nurse (I shouldn’t need to explain these people to you anymore) and the ‘newish’ neighbours Shaz and Geoff called on over. We started with two bottles of whiskey (is that what Jack Daniels is?) but keep in mind they weren’t full because Dr Hands had already had a few and Clare had an already started bottle but in any case, there was a lot of whiskey. Geoff and Shaz bought over an esky of beer and I had my bubbles. There was NO whiskey by the end of the night!

Dr Hands and I are kinda on the larger size so we never have any snacks ‘on hand’. Thankfully Shaz and Geoff bought over a pack of chips (that was the food for the night) so you can imagine the turn things took.

I am not sure how or why it happened but Dolly, my prosthetic boob, popped out and made a trip around the table, and Clare was most taken by it….


Dr Hands and Pyro (Night Nurses other profession) decided to do a bit of a burn off down the back paddock, and once Clare and Shaz decided to head down there, Pyro went the quick way, she did a roll down the hill, Shaz was freaking out trying to save her and Dr Hands just stood on top of the hill and gave them both a wave when they got to the bottom of the hill.

Here is the fire, as you can see, it’s a fair distance to roll down to.


Now, I am going to show you a disgusting photo of me but it is to see my ‘platinum blonde’ hair, try not to look at the disgusting sick looking face that goes with it πŸ™‚ You might have to zoom in but I can totally see the blonde πŸ™‚

IMG_0005 IMG_0012

What does frighten me is that maybe, just maybe, Dr Hands is right…. maybe it is grey….. but I will continue to call it platinum blonde :).

Here is a photo of John giving love to our Kelly


Look who Kelly chose to spend the night with though….


Clare was snuggled up on our sofa and Kelly was there to look after her.

What absolutely amazed us about Clare is that not only is this one happy chic every time we see her but she even smiles in her sleep! How on earth does someone so drunk look so gorgeous sleeping?



Sunday 4th of October, 2015

Slept until 5pm. Avoided hangover due to sleeping until 5pm.

Happy Happy Birthday to my gorgeous niece Tarin! One more year and you will be an ‘adult’ eeeeeeek xx



Monday (Public Holiday) 5th of October, 2015

Here is what I look like today, be warned, it isn’t pretty…. Not only have I got the normal chemo tears and runny nose but also, a kickass amount of hayfever. I really think I might be broken today.

IMG_0003 IMG_0002

Right, well that was quite a long and drawn out post. Hopefully some part of it held some interest to you. πŸ™‚

Oh, someone asked recently when my last chemo was and it is 15th of October, 2015.

Look Who Came To Visit!!


These two wonderful ‘peeps’ are my gorgeous daughter Accalia-Jayne and her dog Buster. OMG OMG OMG how gorgeous are they both? Seriously, my daughter has always been gorgeous but her dog which she and her Grandma Lorraine share, Buster, is just amazing.

I am a dog person, that is no secret but rarely do I actually fall in love with someone elses dog until today. Buster is just beautiful. He is only about 10 months old, huge but so well behaved.


It absolutely made my day to see my gorgeous daughter (and puppy) because this week is chemo week. I am ready to go with the second to last chemo but boy, did Buster make my week a whole lot better. AND my lovely daughter bought me some gorgeous flowers…


My house is now full of flowers because gorgeous neighbour Clare, who I invited over to meet Buster, also bought me some flowers from her ‘iron lady’

IMG_0010 IMG_0009

And just in case you get some Buster blues… here are some more piccies of that gorgeous guy….

IMG_0008 IMG_0005