Shane Neaves and Chloe Neville

So, every bride I know wants the best photographer for their wedding. Unfortunately, mine became a little too busy three days leading up to our wedding and without panic, I mentioned this on the Adelaide Wedding Chit Chat page and wow, did I get a HUGE response.

The one that stood out the most to me was a gentleman by the name of Shane Neaves. He has obviously been photographing for quite some time but just struggled to get into the wedding industry because of the Bride and Groom expectations of having a portfolio. He didn’t have one and was struggling to get his foot in the door

He came through for us time wise and financially. Here was an opportunity for photographers to take advantage of our situation, needing a photographer three days out from our wedding but Shane didn’t. He offered his services at a ridiculously cheap price, provided an offsider, Chloe, and spent hours with us and our guests.

Thank you Shane for spending the day and night with us and for providing our beautiful photos.




Thank you again both Shane Neaves and Chloe Neville for your wonderful work.


xx Mrs Wilkinson

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