Yep, I’m in remission. It’s over.


Of course, there is always the chance it’ll come back but there is also a chance that many things ‘may’ happen, so why dwell on it? Why spend my days worrying about what might happen? No more.

Today, and the days coming, I am smiling and happy.

Many people don’t like words like ‘Journey’ or ‘Battle’ when it comes to cancer but for me, I love these words because I took the journey and as far as I am concerned, I won the battle.

Yeah, it was hard work, not only for me but for all around me. Without the support of my amazing Sam, friends and family and of course, you guys, the readers, it would have been a harder fight than it was.

401 days between hearing the words “You have Breast Cancer” and “You are In Remission”

In only 401 days I had a full left side mastectomy, 9 lymph nodes removed, drains, wounds, chemotherapy for 6 months, 33 days of radiation therapy, 1 year of herceptin, suspect lump which proved clear, copious amounts of pain killers, anti nausea medication, hemorrhoids, constipation, hours and hours of sleep, nausea, low energy, steroids, complete hair loss, lethargy, headaches, bone pain, loss of appetite.

In 401 days I found out just how loved I am by Sam, my amazing and generous family and friends, I also found out how to fight, how strong I am, how stubborn I am, how important some people are to me and how unimportant some things are. I found out that nurses are incredible human beings and deserve so much more than they have. Not only do they do their jobs so efficiently but they know when to hold your hand, when there is a concern or worry and when to just listen. There is no difference in their manner weather they are wrapping you in a warm blanket or injecting a poison that everyone knows is going to make you ill. They smile through their incredibly long shifts and do not allow any bad feelings to show. I am sure nurses have bad days but with my experience, I can’t tell you when I have noticed bad attitudes or dismissive manners. These wonderful men and women made the 401 days survivable, comforting and sometimes even enjoyable. I have laughed and cried with these people. I had no idea how amazing nurses were before this.

Now for something interesting – my hair has come back a little curly/wavy but also, NO GREY HAIRS! I didn’t have any before but everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE, said it would probably come back completely grey. They Were Wrong!! (How much does it look like I have two boobs in this photo?)


Where to from here?

Well, I only have three more sessions of Herceptin in the oncology ward to endure, 10 years on tamoxifen but I have my life. I have my health. I have a new outlook on life.

I took so much for granted before and just expected to grow old simply. Anything can happen and it did.

Now, as I rest my broken ankle (thanks to chemo for weakening my bones! and I’ll tell you that story shortly) I am looking forward to returning to work again…. (I went back in February and then off again with said broken ankle on May 3rd), continue to plan our wedding and enjoying my new life. Save our pennies and finally, one day in the future, finish our back garden landscaping, have my shelving unit built into the formal living room and finish the laundry installation.

There isn’t a lot for else for me to say on this subject today except to say I am happy and, as a man at work said recently

“I am a good news story’.


11 thoughts on “Remission

  1. Oh, this is a wonderful read. What a wonderful report to have. I have 3 more Herceptin to go myself, #3 this Friday. And I am on a different medication for 5 years (at least, for now). Did my surgery, 5 rounds of chemo, 34 radiation treatments and my hair is also growing back (lots of snow on the roof, though. Lol). I never did understand why some don’t like the word “journey”…. My while life has been a series of journeys, and this has definitely been one of them. I am just thrilled for you and hope for the very best for you. Complete healing from now until forever.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. How wonderful is it knowing Herceptin has almost finished? LOL to having ‘snow on the roof’ that really did make me laugh. I wish you all the health and happiness going forward.

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  2. Lesley Tompson

    I’m a journey hater! Maybe it’s because I’m only on day 189… maybe once I’ve got to day 400 I’ll consider it a journey, but for now the only journeys I plan to go on invlove planes. πŸ™‚

    So glad you got the big R! Congratulations. You truly deserve to hear some good news.



    1. LOL I know you are a journey hater but thats ok. We all have our own way of seeing things πŸ™‚ AND, I hate planes so you can take your journeys on them and I’ll take mine without.

      Thank you so much for enjoying my good news with me. It wont be long and you’ll be finished with ‘your business’ and back onto focusing on much more exciting things. Fingers crossed it is all over for you before 400 days.


  3. Chantelle

    What a journey it’s been. Thank you for having the courage to share it with us, you are one strong lady with a remarkable sense of humour, grace and spirit. I guess it’s nocanforda now πŸ˜‰


  4. Super well done, lady! My hair is now ash brown instead of reddy brown, my friend’s hair came back white and curly! Whatever your hair colour, it’s the lack of cancer that is the important thing. Long may it continue, for all of us! It’s a great thing when you can finally look forward in life, rather than concentrating on the “now” of treatment. Xx


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