The Nurse

Remember the olden days when a hospitals Matron was a very fussy and old fashioned – do it by the book – kind of person? Well, I think I met one of these people today.

She walks into the waiting room, stands in front of me with one hand on her large hip and says,

“Amanda Bailey?”

I was playing candy crush as I do every time I am in a waiting room and I say “Yup, that would be me”.

With a frown and a very stern manner she asks if she could ‘please interrupt me for an examination’.

The way she said it was like I was doing something wrong but I followed her into her room and she just stared at me again but this time, at my neck and the burn.

She muttered away and looked down my top without asking, looked at my back and continued muttering away. She said I would need this and that and what not and then said she’d see me after my radiation.

I couldn’t understand why I needed to see her again because I had just seen her, she had examined me and told me what to do so, after I’d been zapped, I told my amazing radiation lady that I really didn’t want to see that weird nurse again. She laughed and said she’d tell the nurse I was in a hurry and would grab the cream and padding I needed for me.

Well, I went into the little change room cubicle which barely has room for one person and blow me down but the weird old Matron nurse is banging on the change room door and comes in with me! FFS, there is no room for one of me but to have another large person, lets just say, it was too close for comfort. Talk about being in my personal space!

While I was driving home, my phone rang. I am incredibly well behaved when it comes to phones and cars and refuse to answer or even look at my phone. As I have two more appointments in town this afternoon, I thought it would be best if I checked who had called because I might have gotten earlier times for my other appointments.

The message was from that NURSE! The message went on and on about which creams to use where and how she should have given me a ‘wee container’ to mix two of the creams in. OMG – she had told me all of this in her office and again in that little tiny change room and now again on the voice mail.

Anyway, as I am not getting radiation on my shoulder anymore, I can use zinc which is awesome. It takes away all pain.

Is it noticeable? I figure it looks a lot better than wearing that sanitary pad on my shoulder!

Photo on 17-12-2015 at 11.24 am


4 thoughts on “The Nurse

    1. She was just a wee bit overwhelming for me. Thankfully she is not a full time nurse there hehe. Thank you, I have been told it will get worse before it gets better. Not sure how that is even possible….

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  1. Hi Amanda. For the past two weeks I have looked at your gown waiting patiently in your little pigeon hole in the change rooms at the radiation centre and wondered if I’ll ever bump into you there. It’s not looking likely at this stage and as this is our last week I thought I should finally make a comment on your blog!
    I began following your unscheduled journey when I was searching for some information on our amazing breast surgeon. What a year you have had! I’ve laughed and cried with you along the journey you have shared. Now you are almost at the end of treatment and I want to wish you good luck and all the very best for the new year ahead and the rest of your life’s journey. You are surrounded by wonderful family and friends, and health professionals, and have such a wonderful outlook on life that I’m sure you have beaten this insidious disease.
    Thank you so much for all the giggles over the past three months.
    Jill Loveridge


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