Radiation Burns!

Photo on 11-12-2015 at 8.09 pmI thought chemo was bad but look at this burn. What you can’t see is the blisters that have popped and are now open wounds. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and I have this kickarse burn with peeling and blisters. Lovely look hey?

Yes, I am thankful for my life and that surgery, chemo and radiation therapy have saved my life but geez, this really kinda hurts.

Photo on 11-12-2015 at 8.09 pm #2Both photos show the burn but not the blisters. Anyhoo, I’ll take it over anything worse.

Last night, I finished a book I had started the other night. I had almost read the whole book on Tuesday night but decided, for what ever reason, to not finish it until last night. Well, let me tell you, I bawled and bawled my eyeballs out. Ok, not literally **spoiler allert** , like in the book – but I have not cried like that since eight months ago when I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.

So, heads up on what not to read while dealing with any type of cancer is this.


What made me NOT buy this book initially was the name of the author. He cant help that he was born with the shittest name ever. This is the name of my ‘sperm donor’ that I have nothing to do with. This was the reason I put my back to this book for so long but eventually, it wore me down and I bought it.

Who the hell buys a book about a cancer person while dealing with cancer? That would be me hehe. I thought I had dealt with everything and could get through this book without a tear. I dislike teenagers which is what this book is based on, which is another plus to avoid tears.

Well blow me down with a feather but did I burst the dam last night. I cried and cried and cried at the end of this book. Keep in mind that I am not an overly emotional person!

To cry over a book that some dude called, unfortunately, John Green, wrote, had me in tears over teenagers is totally inconceivable. But I did. I cried so much and for over an hour. Totally exhausting but do you think Dr Hands woke once? Nope.

I shant blame him though because I did quite sobs. I totally recommend this book to anyone who needs a great laugh and a super cry. This dude with the shittest name is quite the author. I just pity him that he was given this name. I also forgive him.

Right, following all this, my amazing and gorgeous mum took me out today to cheer me up with a manicure and painted nails followed by coffee and a gluten free cheese and butter muffin. I didn’t think I was up to this but man, this made my week! I had an absolute blast today with my mum – having laughs, pampering, coffees and muffins and genuine love.

This is what life is about isn’t it? Loving and smiling and laughing no matter what is going on.

Love that mum of mine xx

Here is one of my favorite photos of my mum and my sister Annette. xx


9 thoughts on “Radiation Burns!

    1. that is a great way to look at it thank you! Unfortunately my ‘courage’ is cracking and peeling now which makes for a lot of swear words when putting the creams on hehe. xx


    1. Thank you for popping in πŸ™‚ The book was on a different level to what I am used to reading. I normally dont care much for reading about teenagers (because they are like, um, well, sooooo annoying and everything) but this book did the ‘story’ justice. My burns are awful and I am sure they’ll go away once radiation has finished. xx

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  1. Mandy

    U poor love, what a nasty burn 😦
    Hang in there chicky x
    I watched the movie which I found extremely sad (was crying the whole time) the characters are so beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Mandy, hanging in there is what I do best πŸ™‚ Sorry you cried the whole way through the movie, I have not seen the movie but in all honesty, dont plan to. You are just lovely xx. Can wait to see your face again daily xx


    1. Yeah, looks and feels horrible but these are the prices we pay to keep living huh? And, so much better than chemo which is why I try not to complain too much about the burns πŸ™‚ Not long to go now πŸ™‚


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