14 ‘Burns’ to go

Yep, only 14 more radiation sessions to go. That includes my one today and the day I have to have 2 in the one day. This will ensure I will be finished with radiotherapy on Christmas Eve!

The burning has started. It is pretty sore, I wont lie. The calendular cream isn’t cutting it anymore so I have to use not only the calendular three times a day but I now have to use a steroid cream as well, three times a day.

These photos dont really do the burn justice but it is like a really bad sunburn. Even putting the cream on hurts the burn.

Apparently, I have to stay out of the sun and try to keep cool. I live in Adelaide and we are not known for many cool days during December!!

Thankfully that is the only burn I am getting so far. The collarbone and shoulder need radiation apparently as this is where the cancer can spread if there are any little bits left over from the mastectomy and chemo.

How anything could survive all of this stuff is beyond me so fingers crossed, there are no little nasties left in my body.

The fatigue comes and goes and is absolutely nothing like chemo. It will just be a day here and there. Or even a few hours where I need to just have a sit down and rest. To combat this, I sit down and rest a lot! They do say that Prevention is better than a Cure.

That’s me for now.


13 thoughts on “14 ‘Burns’ to go

  1. I had burn in exactly the same place! I guess the skin is pretty delicate and thin there, but as they’ve told you, zapping all the lymph nodes in the chest and around the clavicle is as important as under the arm. I had the burn for a few weeks post rads, but it cleared up with no scarring, thanks to my homemade calendula balm!

    Has yours started itching yet? That was the worst part for me!

    Onward and upward! Xx


    1. Thankfully the Calendular cream I am buying is pretty good. They have also given me steroid cream which again, is great but just getting it onto the burns is horrible. There are too many open blisters at the moment which make me catch my breath when putting the cream on.

      The itchy part is now on my mastectomy scar. Great look trying to get a finger or two down my top to have a little scratch in public! The itching is indeed the annoying bit. Sometimes in my sleep I must scratch the bad burn and it wakes me up with tears in my eyes.

      I am glad to hear that it cleared up with no scaring. I will hold onto that knowledge 🙂 xx


    1. that is awful that the major burn came AFTER radiation had finished. That is not cool. I haven’t heard of Aquaphor. I am seeing my radiation guy tomorrow who has advised me, if the skin starts peeling, he will give me a different cream. Yes, the skin has started peeling.


      1. I did a clinical trial where I received radiation while on my belly instead of my back. It was also 15 sessions over 3 weeks instead of the 5-7 weeks others get. So I got a stronger dose over a shorter period of time. That might be why. But the burn is awful, no matter when you get it.


    1. Hi There! I have seen the moo range. I haven’t tried their moisturiser but have had a sample of their conditioner on my bald head which was just lovely. I am using the calendular and steriod creams the doctor has given me but tomorrow, once he see’s all the peeling skin, he will then give me a different cream yet again. Once i get the creams on, it is all ok. Just getting them on is painful enough though hehe

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    1. That is interesting that you have said using sunscreen. I have been advised not to use sunscreen but only calendular and the steroid cream. I have also been told not to cover the area up. So, yesterday when we were at an outdoor wedding, I had to find shade. Thankfully that was an easy task but I have been wanting to take Brady to the beach again but am scared I am going to do more damage to the burnt area. Will speak to my doctor tomorrow xx

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