Thank you and Ugh!

So, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for all of their amazing messages of support.

Thank you.

I had a tough moment or two last week. The messages received were so encouraging and amazing. Yes, I do read each and everyone of them and feel so fortunate to have genuine and amazing people on my side.

Every so often, I guess it happens to all of us, I feel crap. Thankfully these times are not often or regular but when they hit, they hit hard.

I am incredibly lucky to have not only Dr Hands and my mum and my daughter but each and every family member and friend around when I need them.

So thank you for each and every message. They all mean the world to me.

On to the Ugh bit of my blog this week.

My half hair and half bald head has a bloody pimple on it! A PIMPLE!

I have hair growing around the side and back of my head but not in the middle and this is where that bloody pimple decides to show up. Who the hell gets pimples on their head!? Never have I had a pimple on my head!! And it isn’t a gentle quiet pimple, it is a red and angry one and no, I can not squeeze it. My head skin is very delicate.

Radiation stuff.

I have some burning now on my collarbone which is very discoloured and a bit yucky to look at, my mastectomy scar is itchy and there has been a bit of fatigue. Absolutely NOTHING like chemo so I will try hard not to complain too much.

Did you know, that with radiation, the best cream to use is Calendular cream. It needs to be applied to each radiation spots (4 places for me) three times a day.

And, did you know, not many chemists sell this cream. More running around needed to buy this cream but totally worth it. I have heard some terrible horror stories about radiation skin irritations from those who are not protecting their skin with this.

Thankfully my ‘team’ at the clinic told me that in no uncertain terms am I to use nothing but Calendular cream.

Ummmm, I think that is about it for me.

Oh hang on. I have something else for those who dont follow me on facebook.

I had an energy spurt today and took my gorgeous boy Brady for a walk to the post office and on our way, we came across this little fellow. One minute into our walk and I can tell you, the rest of my walk was spent with my head down, eyes scanning the pavement, road and bushes on the sidewalk.

Here in South Australia the snakes are out in force. Especially around the Adelaide Hills and where we live, there is a wetlands area full of frogs. This is where these snakes are headed apparently. Wanting the sunshine and something to eat with some water. For once, I had Brady (my gorgeous groodle/golden doodle) on a leash. Goodness knows what he would have done with this snake had he been off leash.


3 thoughts on “Thank you and Ugh!

  1. Marie

    Ah the joys of living in the hills!!
    You are coming along in leaps and bounds (figuratively speaking of course lmao) so good to see you are doing so well and damn that pimple,, lotsaluv xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. O.M.G. Let me tell you, I have been planning a trip to New Zealand and Australia for a long time now. I have read about snakes appearing out of no where in Australia but I didn’t want to believe it. I can’t look at a snake without screaming. You must be used to it which is why you continued your walk with your head down to spot them, right?

    Didn’t know about that cream for radiation. Glad you were able to access it. And I am also glad you’ve received great support from everyone.


    1. In all honesty, I haven’t seen a snake in years! Continue planning your trip to NZ and Aust because it’ll be amazing for you. I will be surprised if you see a snake 🙂

      I have been incredibly fortunate throughout this whole experience. xx


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