So, it wasn’t enough to be left side boobless, hairless, eyebrowless & eyelashless that I now have to be knuckleless.

I know I know, there are a few of you out there that have told me to go to the ladies who can assist with lymphedema but I just couldn’t do it through chemotherapy. I was simply too sick to make appointments and keep to them.

Now, I am paying the price with my balloon hand and no knuckles on my left hand.

Thankfully I get my ‘roster’ for the next seven radiation visits because no, they are not at the same time each day. Once I get the roster I can then make an appointment with the special people who will fix me right up.

It is really bizarre though because my hand only swelled up a day, oh no hang on, three days ago. I noticed while I was driving that there were no knuckles on my left hand. Where the bloody hell are my knuckles I was thinking and then it hit me. The lymphy thingy.

It could be a heat thing. It is almost 40 degrees in South Australia today and was really hot yesterday too. Ok fine, it isn’t the heat but it could be ok! And, can you believe, my appointment for radiation today is at 4pm. I have an hour and a half of driving there and back in 40 degree temperatures. Thank goodness for airconditioning.

On a good, or even amazing note, I am loving life right now. Yes, I have radiation each and every day except weekends but I have energy, I am happy, I am motivated (sometimes) and it is almost the Christmas season.

My house has the beautiful Christmas tree up with decorations galore, tinsel in the windows, reindeer and Santa and other figurines around the house.

Ok, thats about me for today. The dogs and I are sitting in a dark house to keep it cool and to save on electricity by not putting the air conditioner on until absolutely necessary. I will cross my fingers there are no bushfires today because yesterdays bushfire at Kuipto was a little too close for comfort.

Stay cool Adelaidians 🙂


6 thoughts on “Knuckleless

    1. one would assume so but I am hoping I wont need any compression bandages. I have hope that I can get into one of the places that specialises in the massage that prevents or even (fingers crossed) gets rid of it. It does seem like there is just one thing after another but I shall not complain (too much) because I am alive and happy 🙂

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  1. helensamia

    The heat will make your had worse.. But those lymph ladies will show you what to do …there are special gloves and sleeves if needed.. Get on to it before it gets to bad … This us one more thing you do not need… Happy Christmas … Got our tree today … Have to sort out all the decorations after moving house this year… Helen


  2. Hi, I too am knuckleless. It stinks. But radiation can make it worse. That’s when mine acted up so if you can get yourself to a PT, it might be a good idea. I just switched PTs and I’m finally having positive results. Meaning, I saw knuckles yesterday!!!! They are beautiful things. Good luck!


  3. I did not experience that with surgery but I want to wish you good luck. Hope you can find someone who can give you the right therapy. I am glad you are starting to feel better with your level of energy. Radiation made me feel tired a lot but I was able to handle it much better than the chemo. Enjoy the weekend!


  4. I agree, please do go see a lymphedema specialist! Yes, I really do understand how tired you get of being treated for stuff, but this is important.

    Great that radiation is going well, but those daily trips get sooooo tiring! One time I showed up and they had forgotten to tell me I couldn’t have treatment because the zapper machine was out of order! Steamed? You betcha!


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