Look Who Came To Visit!!


These two wonderful ‘peeps’ are my gorgeous daughter Accalia-Jayne and her dog Buster. OMG OMG OMG how gorgeous are they both? Seriously, my daughter has always been gorgeous but her dog which she and her Grandma Lorraine share, Buster, is just amazing.

I am a dog person, that is no secret but rarely do I actually fall in love with someone elses dog until today. Buster is just beautiful. He is only about 10 months old, huge but so well behaved.


It absolutely made my day to see my gorgeous daughter (and puppy) because this week is chemo week. I am ready to go with the second to last chemo but boy, did Buster make my week a whole lot better. AND my lovely daughter bought me some gorgeous flowers…


My house is now full of flowers because gorgeous neighbour Clare, who I invited over to meet Buster, also bought me some flowers from her ‘iron lady’

IMG_0010 IMG_0009

And just in case you get some Buster blues… here are some more piccies of that gorgeous guy….

IMG_0008 IMG_0005

5 thoughts on “Look Who Came To Visit!!

  1. jodie

    OMG Amanda Buster is gorgeous…as is Acalia – ive decided i am a crazy dog lady. I have had 3 strays at my house in last 3 months and wanted to keep them all…but don’t think Molly and Max would get along with a American Staffy.
    We miss you here hope you are going ok xx


    1. They are both gorgeous indeed. I am exactly the same, I could have a house full of dogs if my Sam let me but I will make do with two and wait for Buster visits.

      I miss work a lot! Thank you for your kind words 🙂


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