For Ann Larson :)

Ann Larson popped a message on my blog how she worries when I haven’t blogged for a while and wow, that made my heart a flutter.

Ann, thank you for your concern for me. I must be honest and say I haven’t been doing so good.

I have only 2, count them, 2, chemo sessions left but boy, my body is exhausted. The last few weeks I have done not much but sleep,and if I can’t sleep, I have just lay there like a zombie.

The new chemo drugs are much better than then previous but these ones leave me ‘zombie’ like.

My body is nothing. It wont move or be in any kind of action. My brain, on the other hand, has been in over drive.

The feelings (which most people call side effects) have been over activity and over acquisitiveness.  Whilst it might not sound band to the average person, it honestly sucks. My body feels dead, can’t move, but my brain is over active. Have you any idea what that is like? I hope you dont. It really does suck.

My lovely Ann Larson wrote that she worries when I dont blog for a period of time and you know what, that made me feel great and I thank you Ann.

As a cancer patient, everyone wraps around you for the early days but after a while, you feel alone. That is nothing against anyone but it is what it is.

When Ann Larson wrote that she worries when I dont blog for a while, it created the biggest smile on my face.

Yes, these last few days have sucked. All I have wanted to do is sleep. Bed, Sofa, Bed and anything else that could cushion me.

The other reason I haven’t blogged is that nothing has happened.

No one has visited. Nothing has happened in the estate.

Brady and Kelly (my dogs) haven’t done anything unusual.

So, there hasn’t been anything to blog about.

Today, a guy from work, Corey Hollitt, visited me and it was amazing. We drank champagne and ate cheese and salmon and tomatoes and what not. It was an amazing afternoon. There was someone I worked with that wanted to come seee me and drink and eat and enjoy my dogs.

I’ll be honest here and admit, I haven’t heard a lot from my work peeps since I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer but I am sooooooo thankful that Corey came to visit. We laughed, we gossiped and we drank/ate. It was such a lovely and ‘normal’ thing to do and that is what made it amazing. Oh, and also the fact that he wanted to visit me during this cancer crapola time of my life.

Ann, I promise you that soon, there will be a debate as to what colour my hair is. There is a ‘fluff’ coming through that I think looks like a platinum blonde blonde but Dr Hands thinks it is all grey.

Tomorrow, photos will come through for all to judge but seriously, it is totally a white blonde and NOT grey. Be ready because my new hair looks amazing.

Anyway, this post was for Ann Larson. I am ok. I am very sleepy and have slept most of my week just past. Sleep is great. OMG if I could tell you off my dreams, I am sure I would be banned from something hehe. I am A OK but thank you for worrying about me xx

4 thoughts on “For Ann Larson :)

  1. The feelings you describe sound familiar to me, especially the part about the body feeling tired and the brain feeling over-active. For me it was the steroids. It’s like my body was feeling something unusual and the drugs were fighting the awareness of that something, if that makes any sense. I am sorry you’ve been feeling exhausted. Those days will be over soon.

    I am looking forward to seeing your hair pics! I remember mine being super grey.

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    1. I think it is the steroids for me too but the first four days following chemo are the worst. Today and yesterday I have felt ok though so that is a good thing. And yes, your account of the feelings do indeed make sense.

      Eeeek I really hope mine is blonde…. The facebook comments are all saying blonde. My daughter is coming up tomorrow so I am sure she’ll tell me her opinion 🙂

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      1. My worst days during chemo were day 3-6 because I was given these pills (forgot their name which is a great thing!) to hide my side effects the first 2 days post treatment. And to be honest, it was the neulasta shot that kicked my a$$!

        You are almost there. Feel better.


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