Bad to Good – Make it Happy

I have had a really shitty crappy awful week.

Yes, a lot of it has had to do with my bum and bowels but I will give you a break with all of that information.

I have slept a lot which is not something I will ever complain about. The medication I am now on with the new chemo drugs make me quite zombie like but that is ok. Much better than the pain and discomfort that I suffered last chemo when they changed the drugs and advised I would probably only need ‘panadol’ to deal with the pain. Yeah Nah, Endone is what I needed. I don’t like endone as a general rule because it makes me nauseas and constipated and dopier than usual but it is what is needed to get me through the chemo ‘feelings’.

On some nicer news…….. The dogs got new beds recently. Brady and Kelly have both turned 7 years old and any dog trainer will tell you that is the dogs 2nd change of life. Dogs go through a ‘change’ at the ages of 2 and 7 – both Kelly and Brady are the same age. Kelly (our Staffy X) has become very sooky. Needs/wants cuddles constantly. Brady, who has always been the gently, frightened and most obedient dog has become a grumpy old man. He does NOT like it when Kelly settles in to her bed next to his. I now have to separate their beds at night time before they go to ‘real’ bed time. Kelly is a lazy b*tch who refuses to hold her poopies and weewees and has decided the hallway (carpet) is her toilet so she now sleeps in the garage. But, before  ‘real’ bedtime, the dogs are in with us in the house and run around like crazy fools, play tug of war, demand cuddles from Dr Hands and I and have sleeps before dinner and bed. Sometimes, Brady goes onto his bed first but when Kelly goes onto hers, he growls and huffs and puffs and carries on like a fool and I have to move his bed away from hers.

I did manage to get a photo before this all occur occurred though.


Today, my wonderful mum came to visit me as she does most weekends. I haven’t posted her gorgeous square yet but I will do that a little later but look at the beautiful flowers she bought up for me. She almost always brings beautiful flowers for me to cheer me up. The thing that I really hate about her visits is that I can see she suffers looking at my bald (but almost all fluffy with new hair) head, my red and itchy eyes, runny nose, tiredness etc. How does a daughter comfort her mother who is suffering watching said daughter deal with cancer. Thankfully, we laugh a lot. Mum and I can laugh at the stupidest things…. I want to mention Sam here but that would seem rude hehe. My mum, Sam, Inlaws, Tamara, Accalia, Cousins, Neighbours, Furbabies and everyone inbetween keep it real but achievable.

Flowers from Mum

IMG_0034 IMG_0035

Oh, and another thing, we harvested another Cauliflower this week, our neighbour John recons we could get about $10.00 for it because it is bloody huge. Excuse the fat bald chick holding it but it is to give you a perspective of how big this thing was


But, I’ll have you know, I have lost 8 kilos since this cancer bizzo stuff so thats a good thing right?

5 thoughts on “Bad to Good – Make it Happy

  1. Your dogs are spoiled and beautiful. My cat needs a new bed too.

    Something you mentioned about your mom suffering when she sees you. I remember during my chemo days I wasn’t eating one day. I felt weak and slept most of the day. My mother started to cry and asked to bring me to ER to have them feed me through tubes or something. That woke me up and I said, “hellz no! I am not going to ER. I’ll take a spoon or two.” That took all the energy I had left in me and went back to bed. My mother is pretty tough and I’ve only seen her cry…once? (when my grandma was sick.) Something about this experience makes people very vulnerable.

    Your mom is sweet to come see you and bring you flowers. It must be difficult for her to see you go through this but she loves you tons.

    That’s a huge cauliflower.

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    1. It is so hard to see things from others eyes hey? I am glad your mum ‘woke you up’ but I am sad she had to cry.

      My mum is absolutely amazing because not only does she work full time but she gives me a day of her two days off to spend with me. And she doesn’t live around the corner. She is 40 kilometers away!

      It was a massive cauliflower hey? Yum Yum

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  2. Bad days can seem so black during chemo, I found. I’m so glad you are almost done with the dreaded chemo — Herceptin and radiation should be a breeze in comparison! My daughter also found my diagnosis and chemo very hard — I guess the mother/daughter cancer panic cuts both ways, unsurprisingly.

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