2 Chemo’s to Go….

For some reason, I thought today was only going to be an hour in the chair for my ‘spa therapy’ but oh no, that was just too much to hope for, it was three hours. It might not sound a lot to some people but with the blood tests followed by two saline flushes and herceptin and docetaxol and a visit from the oncologist, bubbles in the tube causing more delays, tiredness from a very bad night sleep, this all made for a pretty shitty day.

Sometimes I feel so much guilt for having Sam take two days off each three weeks. The Thursday to drive me to and from chemo and sit with me for company and to watch for rashes and make me drink water etc. Friday following the Thursday he is home to make sure the side effects aren’t too bad and is able to check temperature and take my tablets and basically hover over me etc. He takes it in his stride but shit, how rough must that be for the carer to constantly keep a smile on their face and throw the funny jokes to me to keep me smiling.

Oh, and another thing…. My oncologist, who I adored until today, came into see me and I told him to look at my beautiful ‘fluff’ that I am calling hair and his response was this..

‘Yeah well that will fall out soon’

He even said this with a smile on his face. If he wasn’t such a cutie I would have slapped his face. Oh, I had a intravenous thing in one arm and the other is very weak so there was no chance of a slap even if he wasn’t cute hehe. I am sad though. I really love my little baby hair that is coming through.

I did ‘bling’ up today with my lovely engagement ring, new ring to keep engagement ring in place and wouldn’t you know it but Nurse Kathy noticed and says, excitedly, was there a wedding since the last chemo!!?? I explained that no, no wedding but a ‘safety ring’ was bought to keep THIS engagement ring in place.

4-up on 3-09-2015 at 8.03 pm #2

I also got to wear my gorgeous necklace from my pea in Singapore that she bought me for my 40th (3 years ago) and it looks beautiful. My anniversary earrings were also in place so I felt kinda ‘pretty’ with my bling and my fluff. I am still going hatless and wigless and scarfless and feel good for it. So, here is today’s look.


Figured I best pop in a gorgeous photo of my boy Brady while I am here.


9 thoughts on “2 Chemo’s to Go….

  1. Isn’t it amazing how time flies? I remember counting the days for AC to be over. I hated that one so much. Taxol didn’t matter much to me but yes, like you, my hair started to grow back slowly. Felt like baby hair!

    Your onco was a little rude there with the response but they are trained to build a wall and be cold, sometimes. They still need good bedside manners though. Your hair will be back before you know it (and so will the rest of your body hair, sorry to say lol).

    Your dog is adorable.


    1. Time does indeed fly. I can’t believe only two more to go. I do have a year on the herceptin which will need to be done intravenously but that will be a walk in the park compared to chemo.

      I guess the oncologist didn’t want me to get my hopes up that my hair will be back to normal next week hehe but I just love the feel of it. Ugh, I have loved not having to shave my legs and underarms 😦 It will be a sad day when that begins again.

      Thank you for saying so, I think he is pretty special too



  2. I was pretty excited about that first fluff, too, til I read it wasn’t ‘real’. So I had my husband buzz it off. (!!!) Very quickly after that, hair growth started again, and 4 months after stopping chemo, I’m almost ready for my first haircut!

    Glad you’re almost done with chemo. It’s amazing how fast you start to feel better!


    1. I am not letting go of my fluff. I love it. It is so soft and gentle and, well, fluffy hehe. YAY for almost needing a haircut! Well done you. Four months isn’t too long hey?

      I can’t wait to start feeling better!


    1. I am glad I can make you grin hehe. Oh here goes, the reason I am usually so red is because I am often having a wee little drink of sparkling wine. It reddens me up like a beetroot! Any other time of the day I am a normal colour hehe

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  3. Oh, I was wondering about this fluff that started growing a few weeks ago!!! (I just had round 4 of 6 – TCH). So it won’t stay? I was thinking maybe I should buzz it but people were telling me it would continue to grow. It’s like 1/2 inch long now! I, too, have only 2 more chemos to go and I am SOOO excited! I hope that all goes well with you! Do you need radiation afterwards? I do – and will continue the Herceptin through next June. Will follow your blog so I can keep tabs on your progress. Be well!!!


    1. Hey Grace, Thanks for following. Sounds to me like we are on a similar track. I have only two chemos left too and maaaaaan I can’t wait to see the back of them!. Yep, 33 radiation visits after chemo and yep, Herceptin for me too until about August next year. I am more than anything looking forward to getting rid of rightie and having two wonderful young boozies instead of one crater and one mammoth swinging boobie hehe. Thanks again for dropping in 🙂


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