Sparkle Me Up Baby!

I have had an amazing two days in a row.

Yesterday, I took myself out into town (40 kms round trip) and had an amazing time. I spent the last of my splurge money. Remember all the wonderful people who had bought yummy chocolates to raise money so I could splurge on myself guilt free?

Well, I used the last of that money yesterday by buying a lovely ring to sit over my new engagement ring so it doesn’t fall off. It is gorgeous. It will keep my amazing ‘family’ engagement ring safe. (see previous post if you have no idea what I am talking about)


See that beautiful ring next to my engagement ring? I thank you Accalia, Mia and Friends for providing me the splurge money to be able to afford such a pretty ring to protect my equally pretty engagement ring.

Today, I met up with Tracey for a coffee and lunch which was lovely, a spot of shopping and back home to a visit from my little friend in the neighbourhood.

Before I lost my hair, Sam and I picked up some fun ‘fake tattoo’s’ to play around with should the need arise when my hair fell out. Well, my little friend popped over today because I had bought her a little gift and she came to pick it up. We shared some naughty sugary bubbly drinks and this is what she did to my head

Photo on 27-08-2015 at 6.15 pm

or here is another view


and another….


Aren’t we all thinking my lovely neighbour Summer (aged 4) has done a great job??

Well, here is the artist and myself..


Clare had a bloody ball tattooing me all over my face and head. So no, it wasn’t my four year old neighbour Summer but in fact, Clare, my gorgeous 40 something neighbour hehe.


Love my third eye in the middle of my head. What is even funnier is the fact that as I was saying goodbye to Clare, a lovely lady walked passed with an amazing blue staffy and I said “Hello Gorgeous” to the dog and the lady laughed. I was mortified thinking she thought I had called HER gorgeous until Clare reminded me that I was tattoo’d all over my face. Shit.

Then, other neighbour Sharon popped over to return items from the weekends piss up and yep, she had to chat to me trying to be serious while looking at THIS FACE.

Love being bald and having fake tattoos to play with hehe. Clare had a ball.

I feel so sparkly right now. I might be a little hard to resist tonight come bedtime

oohhh la la


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