I’m Marrying the Whole Family!!

These last few weeks have been quite trying to say the least but the biggest standout has been the loss of my beautiful engagement ring.


Well, today all of that changed. My future in laws came over today but as I had had a great night at the neighbours house last night, I was unable to get up out of bed to see them and explained to Sam that I would not be getting up today.

Sam came in not long after MIL (mother in law) and FIL (father in law) had been here and asked me to just get up for a moment because there was something they had to tell me. Sam looked so shocked and out of sorts I had the worst feeling that someone had passed away.

Imagine my surprise when MIL explained about a lunch she’d had with one of her sisters and partner and they’d decided to get the family involved and put my sparkle back on my finger.

Auntie Suzie had spoken to the jeweler and had made a few wheels and deals from my understanding and then the rest of the family was contacted and before you know it, I was presented with the ring box identical to the one Sam had presented to me on the 19th of December, 2014.

Inside was the exact ring I had lost. Well, not the ‘actual’ ring but a brand new one identical to the one I had lost.

There, in the box the ring was sparkling, glinting and yep, I cried.

We have tried to phone everyone who was involved in this amazing act of generosity.

Thank you to

Sharon and Michael Manning

Jessica Rowe

Auntie Susie Burdof


Joanna Burdof

Uncle Brendon and Auntie Jeannette

Nikki McGrane

Emma McGrane

Kylie McGrane

Auntie Jenny

Michael Mannings Mum and Dad

Michaels Sister and Brother in Law Ann and Rien

Jo – at the Jewelers

I thought I was feeling better yesterday (hence party time at the neighbours last night) but today, I am walking on sparkles and sunshine and love. There is a good chance when I finally walk down the aisle, all of these people will be at the end of the aisle waiting for me to marry them all ๐Ÿ™‚

I can not thank you all enough but I will start with thank you. I will do my best to ensure your Sam is loved and looked after forever just has he is doing for me. xx

14 thoughts on “I’m Marrying the Whole Family!!

    1. Thank you again Sue. I am going to follow your advise and Sam and I are going to buy a skinny ring to sit in front of my beautiful sparkly one to keep it safe and sound on my finger. xx


  1. Joanne

    Amanda, you dont know me and I dont know you. I somehow came across your blog when a friend (I have no idea now who it was) shared it and I read your very first entry. I was fascinated by this person unknown to me, who had the most incredible outlook on the journey she was about to begin which will change her life forever. I have laughed and cried with you, waited with bated breath as to what the next entry will be and today I felt impelled to write to you to tell you just how happy I am about your new ring. Why write now? I am sitting here with tears running down my face, once again, knowing just how happy you are after the devestation of losing your ring. What an awesome family support you have in your life and knowing they are there for you and love you so much. It must be where your beautiful Fiancee Sam must get his compassion and loving from. I am lucky that I have not gone through anything like you are going through, but I know your fantastic outlook, resilience and positiveness will have an affect on me if I am ever so unlucky to be in the same position. Lovely lady you are in my thoughts every day and you are an inspiration to all. Oh and how great is your Sam, you are one lucky Lady. Cheers Joanne.


    1. Joanne, thank you so much for your lovely words and for jumping on board to follow my journey. I am so very lucky to be surrounded by the love and support that I have, it certainly makes the journey just that little bit more bearable. What I also love is your saying my outlook and positiveness will have an affect on you should you ever be so unlucky to be in my position. THAT means a lot to me. Thanks you for dropping by and for your amazing words. Yup, that Sam of mine is a pretty great guy xx Amanda


  2. What a totally beautiful story Amanda. Thank you for sharing it. In this crazy selfish hateful world we live in now it offers such hope and inspiration to know there are good people out there doing what God meant us to do in the first place, just love and support each other!! God bless you and your family!


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