Medicate Me!!!

Where have I been? Just over there, in bed.

Remember how I said the drugs have now changed and my chemo will be different that the last four? Well blow me down if they weren’t right. I can barely stay out of bed for half an hour, the body and bone pain never leaves, have over dosed accidentally on codeine and we all know what that does to ones bum…… enter hemorrhoids AGAIN!!

Today I’d had enough. I rang my girls (they’d be the oncology nurses who give me my chemo) who in turn rang my oncologist and here’s what we are going to do.

Dr Sid (oncologist) is sending a script via fax to my local chemist right now which I’ll get Sam to pick up on his way home. This will be a very strong pain killer.

If I am still crap tomorrow, I get two nights in a single suite at my private hospital so they can take the pain away and give me some relief.

My temperature keeps popping up to 37.9 which does make me smile because it is the temperature of 38 degrees that we have to worry about. It never really gets there.

I think that is about all I have to report on today. Please have my very sore bum in your thoughts today as well as my body and hopefully, I’ll be right as rain tomorrow.

Oh thats right, one more thing. Totally busy and preoccupied with myself, I hadn’t gotten anything for Sam for his birthday yesterday. Oh I was a right misery guts laying in bed knowing I couldn’t drive to the nearest shopping centre about 20 kilometers away when I remembered, he talked about wanting one of those full sized wine barrels. I wizzed down to the landscaping yard, in my town, bought it and they delivered it free for me. So when he got home, there it was. Phew, gotta love country folk.

Over and out


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