And then he said……

Before I start, Sam picked up my endone and life is good again ….. weeeeeeee

I had a conversation with a local business owner yesterday that I was just going to let go but, I can’t. I have to tell someone what type of people are out there and the conversations they feel are fine to have with a person going through their cancer fight.

I popped into a local business who, unfortunately, didn’t have the product I was looking for and the owner asked if there was something else he could offer instead. I explained that no, it was just that one thing I wanted but due to my recent medical treatment, I had left everything to the last minute.

It was pretty obvious what treatment I was having because I was standing in his store with my bald head and sickly looking skin etc and his response was this….

“I don’t know if it is just this town or that people talk more but it seems like EVERYONE is going through cancer.  (this was said in a very casual manner) He then went on to advise how cancer was ‘rampant’ through his family with a bad success rate.”

Um, yep, that is what every cancer patient wants to hear but then he asks if I am winning the fight. I advised that I believed I was.

He was probably trying to be nice and ‘country like’ and friendly because then he says, I love that you feel comfortable getting out and about without hats and scarfs. Good for you.

I did feel a bit chuffed then and went on to explain that I do pop a hat on when it is super cold and I kid you not, this was his reply…

“Oh Man, you have NO IDEA, how cold your head can get when you start balding”

I am standing in his store with barely an eyebrow worth of hair to my name while he stands there, head full of hair except for a little bit at the front that is thinning.

My reply was Yes, as a matter of fact I DO have an idea. I then left the store.

What a dickhead. But, it did amuse me for the rest of the day.

3 thoughts on “And then he said……

  1. It’s amazing how many stupid comments come your way when you have cancer, isn’t it?! I used to get “well, at least you have a nice shaped head” or “have you tried penciling in your eyebrows, and false eyelashes? Makes you look a lot more feminine!” Yeah, like I was worried about my femininity, and false eyelashes were the last thing I wanted on my side, streaming eyes!

    I hope your pain is gone now. What is that from, the after chemo shot, or the chemo itself? Herceptin and docetaxel can really throw you for a loop, as they say. If the docetaxel is too rough on you, they can swap you to one of the other drugs in that same group, as some people react to one and not the other.

    I hope you find your ring, what a total shitter on top of everything else!

    Take care, and here’s hoping my message finds you feeling a lot brighter… Xx

    PS – news from Spain, dinner eaten at 10:30 last night! I thought of you. 🙂


    1. Thankfully I have a short attention span and once I have spoken about it, it is either forgotten or I can laugh. In this instance, I can laugh 🙂

      Not sure where the pain is coming from but it is from either the chemo or herceptin apparently. Not the after chemo shot. I am happy the new medication has taken the pain away and given me some relief.

      I miss my ring so much. I will phone the insurance company today and see if they are going to cover the replacement.

      Thanks for popping in Ann.

      PS: Thanks for thinking of me at your insane dinner time hehe xx


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