Un-Engaged :(

Some weeks just suck and this week kinda fits the bill.

On Tuesday, I had to meet with my Professor, you remember all that? Well, while we were in the waiting room, at 3:30pm,  I was gazing at my gorgeous engagement ring and Sam was giggling away at me etc.

Wednesday morning, I woke to NO RING.

This house has been turned upside down so many times, the cleaner came through it today, I have even put rubber gloves on and squished dog shit between my fingers in case it slipped off while I was feeding the dogs.

Sam pulled the washing machine apart because my ring often slips off when I put a load of washing into the machine but all he found was $7.00 and some nails.

I went through all of the bins, car, lodged a police report, rang all of the places we had been too on Tuesday.

Where is my ring?

It had been getting a little loose because I have lost a little weight but it wasn’t slipping off everytime I moved my hand.

The only place left (if it hasn’t been found and sold) is inside Kelly.

Remember her. She is the one who has always had a little grudge against me when it comes to the love of Sam. Don’t get me wrong, Kelly and I are besties now but I wonder if she has taken it too far and eaten my ring.

When I fed them on Tuesday night, they got a treat of Tin Food which they rarely get and I mushed it all in amongst their biscuits. Kelly gobbles down her food so fast that she wouldn’t have noticed a diamond ring.

But get this, Kelly poops every night but hasn’t done one all day or tonight. Could there be a diamond ring blocking her up? She will now be sleeping in the garage because she is more than happy to poop in there at night. I am hoping there is a glistening diamond poo waiting for me in the morning.

Oh, and my chemo today went for just under 4 hours. The heart pool scan dye gave me a rash.

One a high note, we came home to a beautifully clean home, Thank you family and Shanna. I also got a lovely phone call from my darling daughter.


3 thoughts on “Un-Engaged :(

  1. I hope you find your ring. It will probably show when you least expect it. Do check up on your dogs as there is a possibility they swallowed it. What about where they play? Sometimes animals like to hide things and then come back to them later. I hope you find it soon. Good luck.


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