Just one more thing….

The Professor mentioned to not cut, burn or damage the left arm or hand because the lymph nodes were removed from this area and wont ‘drain’ the way they used to. He recommended I wear gardening gloves when in the garden. He doesn’t know me at all obviously…

I was like, yeah ok ok, with a huge burn, couple of cuts and so forth on left arm trying to hide behind my back…

On the way home I mentioned to Dr Hands about the Professor mentioned the left arm cuts n stuff because Sam was here with me when the Professor said it but Dr Hands didn’t say anything.

Wouldn’t you know it …. home time and Dr Hands is in bed and I was trying to remember the Professors words or keeping the left side of my body clean and clear so when I put the piece of wood in the fire place, wouldn’t you know it, I burnt the knuckle of my right thumb 😦

Totally lucky I burned my right thumb knuckle instead of anything on the left side of my body hey?

Featured Image is a ‘regular burn’ from me trying to put a piece of firewood into the fireplace πŸ™‚

Here are left v’s right burns…

IMG_0059IMG_0011 10

10 thoughts on “Just one more thing….

  1. Ouch!! Please be sure to take care of it well so it doesn’t get infected. Also, don’t panic if it takes you longer than usual to heal. Remember you’re still going through chemo and cells take a while to rebuild themselves. xo


  2. Double ouch! I hate burns, and on your dicky arm, even worse! No one had told me about the no blood draws/no blood pressure cuff on that arms, til I read it online. I had several nodes removed, but no lymphedema, thank goodness!

    I bet you got in real trouble for tending that fire! Xx


    1. I was thankful that Sam took in all that information about not using the ‘bad arm’ for anything including needles and blood pressure. I am thinking of getting a medic alert bracelet to wear on that arm in case of an accident. Great news on not getting the lymphedema, That is the one I am trying to avoid all through this too. I do try to be careful with the fire place πŸ™‚


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