Mothers and Daughters Communication

Text comes in from my daughter

Daughter – Hey mummy. How are you feeling? You haven’t blodded in 4 days! Hope you are ok, I love you.

Me – Hi There. I’m ok. Just been a bit flat and tired that’s all. Love you too

Daughter – Okay xxx

New age communication.

I love that she thinks of me and also judges my heath as per each blog xx

She is great, dont get me wrong but I thought this was super funny.

Love that kid of mine.


Photo is about five years old… I had hair, skinniness and eyelashes 🙂 My daughter is still as gorgeous today as she was back then…..

accalia3 santababy 150

My baby girl will always be my baby girl, even if she is now 22 xx

IMG_0046 13

Here is my baby girl (on the left) with her love Stacey 🙂 xx

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