The Notebook – Take 2

So, a few years ago someone told me I MUST watch ‘The Notebook’ because it was an amazing movie and had the hottest actor in the planet. Now, I can’t remember if it was Crystal or Kim but it was one of them because no one else ever suggested such movies to me. They both (in my opinion) had terrible taste in movies.

Crystal made me watch some movie about a guy who was the weirdest and most annoying person on the planet. Hang there while I google what that was….

Ok, I gooogled ‘most boring movies ever’ and it didn’t come up but it was about a guy who spoke really slowly and had cows or llamas or something.

Then comes Kim who told me to watch a war movie and acted out a scene from the movie where a mum learns her son has died in the war. I am sure it was very traumatic in the movie but because Kim had given me her version of it, and that I watched the movie on a date, it didn’t end well. I was in absolute effin hysterics when the knock on the door happened and the mum was told her son was dead. My poor date was looking at me like I was crazy as she groaned… just as Kim had demonstrated but the bloody mother in the movie kept the groan up and I was in such a fit of giggles that it was adamant this guy (my date) was sure to see me as a non feeling crazy woman who saw death as a comedy.

Then comes the notebook. I feel it may have been Crystal who told me to watch it but in any case, when I watched it, how ever many years ago, I needed a sick bucket next to me. It was the most pathetic and stupid movie I had even watched (at that time).

Tonight, it was on the free to air TV and as I was ‘gaming’ on Facebook, I let it play in the background.

Enter …. Emotions.

The majority of the movie had no effect on me. Young love, is everywhere, every circumstance etc. That has no effect on me. What DID have an effect on me was Noah, days gone past.

SPOILER ALERT… IF you have not seen the movie, do not read on….

So, I have seen Dr Hands care for me and nurture me through this cancer crap, feed and water me, love me and put up with my anger and irrational crap that comes out. So comes the part of the movie when Noah is  reading to Allie and I cry. Thank goodness Dr Hands is up the other end of the house because he would have a field day with my tears and weakness.

It made me realise I do not want my Dr Hands to have to deal with anything else, physically, emotionally or mentially reltated. He has done his time looking after me with cancer/chemo and soon radiotherapy. Please do not let him have to put up with me with Dementia/Alziemers.

This is what made me cry. The fact that this amazing ‘tough guy’ has put everything on hold, our garden, house improvements, motorbike …. to care for me. I cant stand the idea of him having to care for me if I even got the old age illness.

So, who ever it was that made me watch this movie initially, had it at the wrong time. Now, I know what it is to be loved, to be wanted and cared for. I didn’t understand that before but now I do.

Tonight I cried watching a ‘chick flick’.

Oh goodness, what next….?

And just one more thing, I still think ‘young Noah’ is icky. He is not a sex symbol to me apart from the fact he worked in a lumber yard, just like my Sam xxxxx

3 thoughts on “The Notebook – Take 2

  1. This isn’t one of my top movies but I appreciated the old couple a lot because it was a representation of true love. I hope to grow that old with my sweetheart. I hope you do too.

    Do you like animated movies? I highly recommend “Inside Out.” Your daughter might appreciate it too.

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    1. i absolutely love animated movies and Shrek and Ice Age are in my top 10 of most favourite moves ever. I shall indeed take your advice and watch Inside Out. The commercials look good.

      My daughter has probably already seen it knowing her.

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